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Storrington Camera Club meets on alternate Thursdays from September through to May at The Football Pavilion, Chanctonbury Leisure Centre, Spierbridge Road, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4PG at 7:30pm. All are welcome, most of our members are from Storrington, Pulborough, West Chiltington, Washington or Ashington.

Our Activities

Our programme covers various aspects of picture taking, presentations of high quality images, competitions and workshops. Our members are interested in making prints and projected images using digitial technology and film.

Another success

Meeting Report

Regnum Print 2017

On Friday evening four SCC members attend the Regnum Print Competition hosted by Littlehampton CC at the Woodlands Hall in Rustington which is a very nice airy hall, well appointed, but with the most uncomfortable seats EVER. Come to Storrington CC where we have a choice of two types of seat, both comfortable.

The Judge for the competition was Mr Jon Mitchell from Havant CC who had some cheery comments to make about a very good set of entries.

We started with Round 1, funnily enough, and the first print up was a stunning picture of two Gannet’s heads with their beaks touching a the tips with their black markings and the yellow of their necks showing with every other part of the print in white, by Anne McDonald for Chichester CC, and it was immediately awarded a very deserved 20. Our entry was the very beautiful ‘Honey Bee’ by Di Walker which got a well deserved 19, a brilliant start for us.

Prints Architecture; Projected any subject

Meeting Report

2nd Competition

Plovers - Kevin HarwoodWe were assured of an entertaining evening with two Paul’s in charge!

Paul Hayward as chairman, welcomed the return of Paul O’Toole as judge, who brought some of the “Emerald Isle” humour together with skill and perception, as we journeyed through the entries.

In his introduction to the judging, Paul O’Toole shared his thinking behind architecture as a photographic subject and said that black and white bridges were the norm and at the end of judging he added and cathedrals, as 4 were exhibited here in various forms.

You gain an idea of the high standard, when we had 26 entries of which 13 were marked between18-20, which led Paul to comment that marking meant finding small differences rather than focussing on the whole positive picture in front of you.  However after a good deal of thought, he gave 9 exhibitors 18, one at 19 and three at 20, and found choosing the picture of the evening a real challenge.

Speaking about the 18s, Paul commented positively about the standard, quality, good use of light and the way the subject had been grasped and presented.

Feel the Land

Meeting Report

Another remarkable Lady showed us her work this evening, following some others who remain in my memory, Vanda Ralevska and Rosie Armes in particular (and some of our own ladies of course). Pete Bamforth once said, whilst giving us one of his special talks, ”the ladies are coming!”

Asrid McGecham LRPS gave us an inspiring talk entitled ’Feel the Land’ which sent me to bed with my head buzzing, but somehow I managed to sleep and started this report at 6am the following morning with a ‘cuppa’.

Astrid moved here from her native Germany and first got interested in photography because one of the pictures taken at her Wedding was badly printed with the colours all wrong and was only right after three attempts. She started taking pictures whilst travelling in Norway and Finland on her mobile and posting them on the ‘net’.

Then she suffered photographers ‘Block’ and started a family as well, which we all know takes a lot of time and energy!

However, she resumed her hobby whilst having a job in finance and running her family.

Storrington Camera Club win SxPF PI Competition

Meeting Report

A full report will come later, meanwhile here are our winning images.

Extreems of Speed by Sarah Beard

Man in a Red Hat by David Seddon

Natural Curves by Norman Kirby

Paul by Alex Swyer

Rome Abstract Architecture by David Seddon

The Breakfast Chase by Kevin Harwood


Meeting Report

Members Evening

Yesterday evening we welcomed David Eastley to our club once again to give a critique of our work. This time we had prints and PI’s rather than just PI’s as last year but David’s approach was much the same as previously – but that’s because, even in this era of fake news, the fundamentals haven’t changed and if we get those right we are a long way to successful photography. Can I ask you to re-read last year’s report (or, more likely, read it for the first time!) so I needn’t repeat these same fundamental points and so leave room for some insights from this year’s meeting.

Among the new points I picked up this time were :-

First Competition prints and PIs

Meeting Report

1st Competition

Tuscany - Martin TomesSo we launch into a new season after a long summer break filled with photo opportunities.

Our new vice chairman Janet Brown welcomed Malcolm Bull as judge, Derek Grieve newly appointed chairman for 2017 sorted the prints in the unavoidable absence of Anne Nagle print secretary, Alex Swyer presented them for judging and marking, then later Alex presented the projected images in his own inimitable way.

Malcolm Bull introduced the evening with some history of his experience at Steyning camera club and the fact that this was his second visit to Storrington. He apologised for the “Theresa May Syndrome” i.e., a heavy cold affecting his voice, that said, he did well and impressed us with his balanced comments, clarity of his own preferences and a general sense of we are in this together.

There were 26 prints from 14 members a pleasing increase in participants. Eight prints were held back and in total 12 prints gained between 18-20 marks and it was really pleasing to see new member Brian Simmons break into that grouping, well done.

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Meeting Report

I knew that we were going to see some stunning photographs as I had looked at Richard Peters website before our meeting, but I did not know what a complete treat we were all going to have with his talk.

First of all, we were delighted to welcome so many visitors. This was due in part to Kevin’s publicity and Daisy’s advising some other clubs (notably many of our friends from Steyning CC who came in force) about Richard’s visit. Twenty members of SCC attended (out of twenty eight paid up members so far this season) plus seventeen visitors which gave us a really nice room full of people.

Richard started by spelling out the ingredients he needs to produce an outstanding image, Light; Mood; Drama; Personality and Simplicity.

Of these, we could see that the right light was the most important, demonstrated by the most dramatic images which we were then shown. As the evening drew on we also realised that his personality, together wuth drama and simplicity also played a large part as well.

Throughout the evening we were shown images (which I for one would have been quite happy with) followed by Richard’s final treatment of the same subject, which often caused members of the audience to gasp because they were so spectacular.

Travels Far and Near

Meeting Report

The first meeting of the season went well, with plenty of banter, especially as it was David Seddon's 65th birthday the day before, and he had foolishly offered to buy everyone's teas and coffees. Daisy had come up trumps with a cake as well, so the break was even better.

The main part of the evening was billed as a series of Members' summer images. There were ten presentations in all, with a great deal of variety. I will apologise right now for not taking any notes at the time, so I am a little vague on some of the presentations.

Daisy kicked off with an AV of the club visit to the British Wildlife Centre. Some of the animals, notably a rather mangy fox, also starred in other peoples sets of images. We then went on safari in Africa with both Kevin and Derek, and saw exotic butterflies with Norman (from the National History Museum).

Chris and I did a double-act with our Photo24 exploits, and David mixed up some images from a visit to London with other destinations. Liz took us to her son's wedding, one of his motorbike races, then Nuffield House, the home of William Morris the motor manufacturer and philanthropist.

The last formal meeting

Meeting Report


The AGM followed the same routine as usual with one major change-I was in the Chair.

During my report for the year I mentioned how much we appreciated Jane Coward arranging the Coffee mornings and I also thanked John Gauvin for giving us a series of tutorials on Lightroom and I gave them each a small token of our thanks.

Reports from the Treasurer and the Competition Secretaries followed and then we had the Election of Officers. Paul Hayward and I as joint Chairmen, but, we now have a Vice Chairman in Janet Brown, a new Treasurer in Sarah Beard and a new Publicity man Kevin Harwood. Welcome to the new team who will look after the club next season.

Next was ‘Any Other Business’ and we had a 20 minute discussion with the rest of the club as to what they liked about his suggestions for new events. They were very interesting but they kept on coming and Committee members to the left of me started to get agitated about the time going on. And then Peter Picthall had several more questions about our governance and why we could not get more members, which is a topic that has been aired since Adam was a boy. We will continue our efforts to recruit aided by Kevin.

Anyway, we were able to move on to the presentation of the cups which was carried out by Paul Hayward as follows:

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