Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Storrington Camera Club (SCC) recognises that in its activities it has a responsibility towards others, especially any child or vulnerable adult, to prevent any form of abuse. The aim of this Policy is:

  • to assist members by setting out their responsibilities to safeguard children and vulnerable adults;
  • to provide guidance to members on adopting behaviours to protect children, vulnerable adults and themselves under different circumstances that might arise in the club; and
  • to have a process in place for reporting allegations or suspicions of abuse.

Members and visitors shall at all times observe this policy, show respect for and an understanding of the rights, safety and welfare of others.

Membership for Children

Any person under the age of 18, whether a member or a visitor, must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian or another agreed adult (e.g. a grandparent or other relative) who will be responsible for their safety at all times including any outside events to which club members are invited but which are outside the direct control of the club unless the club committee uses its discretion to waive this requirement. When joining the SCC, the membership application form in respect of a child must be signed by their parent or guardian to signify acceptance of this policy and if the child is to be accompanied by another adult their details must be specified in writing. The parent, guardian or other agreed adult does not need to be a club member unless they wish to take an active part in club activities.

Membership for Vulnerable Adults

Vulnerable adults are welcome to attend the club. Membership and the needs of the vulnerable person will be considered by the committee on a case-by-case basis. If a person normally receives the service of a carer; then they should be accompanied by that carer; at all times during all club activities. The carer does not need to be a club member.

General Meetings

Presentations, competitions and other meetings in general open to members are held in a large meeting room or online using Zoom. These meetings are the main club activities. Such meetings are low risk environments for children or vulnerable adults. Committee members take responsibility for welcoming members and taking account of any special personal needs of members.  Throughout the club’s Annual Programme, portfolios of work covering a wide range of photographic styles and content are shown. The range of content of these images is expected to be similar to those shown to the general public in exhibition galleries.  Parents, guardians or carers are, through receipt of this policy, made aware of this at the time of joining or visiting.  Members and speakers at meetings should be aware that that vulnerable individuals must be protected from the viewing or taking of images that may be considered suggestive or indecent in nature. If there is a likelihood of this, the person responsible for the vulnerable indivudual must be advised before the meeting.


Informal mentoring is important to the club so that more experienced members can pass on expertise to others if requested. Mentoring of children or vulnerable adults is only allowed with the explicit agreement of their parent, guardian or carer and, in respect of children, should take place only if the parent, guardian or other agreed adult is present during the activity.  

Mobile and on-line communication

There are many ways for people to communicate. It is recommended that Club members should not communicate with a child or vulnerable adult by text or on-line, unless in a general communication to all members, or where it is required to avoid immediate risk to the minor or vulnerable adult. When using phone or email they should communicate with the parent, guardian or carer, rather than having direct contact with the child or vulnerable adult.

Health and Safety

No child under 16 or vulnerable adult shall be put on the coffee rota or be expected to have responsibility for any club equipment.

Photographing Community Events

Members of the club are sometimes invited by organisers of community events to take photographs. The club encourages individual members to respond to such invitations as it supports the community and also gives members wider photographic experiences.  Community events may include ones in which children or vulnerable adults are taking part.  If members are photographing these events by invitation, then it is the responsibility of the inviting organisation to get permission for the photography from parents, guardians or carers if required. Asking permission from all parents, guardians or carers may not be possible and it is sufficient to have notices at the event that photography has been arranged. These could give a contact point for people who do not want photographs taken at the event. The member dealing with the initial request should ask the organisers to ensure that such arrangements are in place. This should be done such that the request and reply are on record, for example by email.


If a vulnerable individual discloses an infringement of this policy to a club member in the course of club events or activities, that club member shall communicate this to the club’s Welfare Officer or, in their absence, another member of the committee as soon as possible. Prompt, appropriate steps must then be taken to support the vulnerable individual, and any person responsible for them, if they wish to inform a relevant authority.

Personal Information

A database of members’ contact details is maintained by the SCC to facilitate administration of the club. Personal data is protected in accordance with GDPR.  In any list made available to club members the contact details provided for children will be those of their parent or guardian.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months and also after any reported incident.