Panels & AV Presentations

Audio Visual
Thursday, 11 January 2024 19:30
Dean Sephton

A fun and lighthearted evening to look at each others images.

In the first half of the meeting we will look at panels – these can be either be:

  • a piece of A1 mountboard or foam board containing as many or as few photographs as you want – the images could document a day out, stones in a dry stone wall, churches in Sussex, patterns in the sand, waves … the skies the limit … A printer is not required as you can just order some small cheap prints from the likes of photobox. Those who came to Ian McGowan's "garden shed talk" in 2022 will hopefully have taken away lots of ideas.


  • a series of up to 6 mounted images each upto 500x400 mm which will be displayed in a single row - think mini RPS panel

In the second half we will view our AV presentations.   

In the old days you would have used a couple of slide projectors and a sound track now you can simply put together a slideshow using the slideshow tool in lightroom  (or similar tools in other editing package such as ACDSEE).   Your AV can be on any topic and only needs to last 2-5 minutes.   If you want inspiration there are lots of one minute examples here: and a more specialist guide here: