A Different style of presentation

Inner Voices panel

Virtually all of the time members present single images for comment, discussion or judgement. On this occasion members were asked to present a panel of images and/or an audio-visual presentation and they responded magnificently. Panels tend to follow a theme and can be of any number of images from three to 40. The latter was evidenced by the photographer Iain McGowan who addressed us in 2022. Dean, who masterminded the evening, was first with a panel of monochrome images of folded paper creating abstract shapes in a varied array. Brenda's homework for a study course involved taking photographs of the individual elements of flower arranging. Janet had spent time on a photo shoot at West Wittering looking down at her feet and photographing images in the sand. David P. had a cleverly mounted series of photographs of Honfleur in Normandy and Chris chose his favourite town elsewhere in France for his presentation. Nikki showed a monochrome montage of Brighton street performers. Liz displayed a collection of seashore photographs demonstrating intentional camera movement and Andrew had a collection of landscape panels. Norman's offering was a piece of conceptual art showing images of original paintings from an exhibition called Inner Voices with photographs of details in the manner of Nat Coalson. Suzanne's projected panel was on the theme of sunsets. A number of photo-books were also available for viewing.

The audio-visual presentations were shown as a continuous sequence and covered Kevin Sinfield's 7 marathons in 7 cities over 7 days (Janet), the small world of bugs and other creatures (Suzanne), Pictures at an exhibition (Chris), Hiking in the Rockies (Kathy), Viscri in Romania (Ruth), Battle of Britain Memorial Flight tribute (Nigel), Moths in Sussex (George), Liu Fang Yuan the Chinese garden in San Marino, California (Norman),  the Isle of Skye (Martin) and in search of Angels in a cemetery (Dean). All the accompanying music was entirely appropriate including Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition and Saint-Saen's Dance Macabre. Even authentic Chinese music accompanied the gardens' AV.

It was an interesting experiment as well as an entertaining evening.

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