A universal, one size fits all, brexit resilient, foolproof, user friendly and generally excellent Lightroom editing strategy

Although I was talking specifically about Lightroom this afternoon I actually use this for very few pictures now - and I use Photoshop even less! I wouldn't be without either but if push came to shove I’d manage.

Submitted by Martin Tomes on Sat, 24/11/2018 11:05


Phlearn has a great collection of free and premium content available. The premium paid content are referred to as Pro Tutorials and they are some of the best advanced digital photography and Photoshop tutorials available. Each lesson is relatively short and concise enough to watch in one sitting. While the PRO tutorials are more in-depth, they are still easy to follow as long as you have a basic grasp of the concepts being discussed.

This link is to the free section of the website.

Submitted by Martin Tomes on Sat, 24/11/2018 07:30