BEST of the best - Best of year competition 2020-21

Gently Emerging by Liz Barber LRPS

Our final competition of the 2021-22 season was our “Best of Year Competition” in which members submitted their best entries from throughout the year. It took place on 28 April; a physical meeting with additional Covid precautions, instead of being a virtual meeting on Zoom. The judge was Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP, a past president of Brighton and Hove Camera Club and a member of the “Nature Photographer’s Portfolio”.

As might be expected, the standard was high, with everyone doing their best to achieve “Best of Year”.

Best of year images

The ‘Best of Year’ print was “Gently emerging” by Liz Barber – a well thought out, delicate image of a flower with subtle pinky mauves against a nice, equally delicate, background.

The ‘Best of Year’ PDI was ”Wasp drinking” by George Reekie – a highly competent macro image of a wasp landed on water and drinking, with vivid detail and an almost painterly background.     

Results in more detail

Printed Images

In total there were 16 print entries. Of these, three received the full 20 points, three received 19 points and four scored 18 points, all illustrating the high standard.  

Those scoring the full 20 points were:

  • “Seed Heads” by Dean Sephton – a curious and deliberately noisy image which has a charm of its own and which made a real impact.
  • “Hoverfly on Weigla” by John Gauvin – a well-crafted macro image showing plenty of detail; the Weigla looking almost insectivorous.


  • “Gently emerging” by Liz Barber – chosen as Best of Year and previously described,

The prints scoring 19 marks were:

  • “Cambria – off Gravesend” by Chris West – a lovely mono-chrome image of a Thames barge.
  • “Diaphenous Daffodils” by Kristina Byng – an interesting & creative study of decaying flowers.
  • “On the Edge” by Janet Brown – a very creative portrait with half of the subject out of shot.

The prints scoring 18 points were:

  • “Spotted a tasty morsel” by John Gauvin – a leopard “licking its lips” having spotted food!
  • “Egret with a purpose” by Daisy Cane – a very skilful image of an Egret in flight.
  • “Day break” by Liz Barber – an interesting and inspirational abstract image.
  • “The Cheviot” by Martin tomes – a beautiful and very skilfully taken landscape photograph.  

The remaining images are too numerous to describe individually but also won plaudits from the judge, who was very impressed by the standard of printing in the club.

Projected Images (PDIs)

Wasp Drinking by George Reekie
Wasp Drinking by George Reekie

In total there were 26 projected images, of which four scored the full 20 points, two scored 19 points and 9 scored 18 points.

The four images scoring 20 were:

  • “Wasp Drinking” by George Reekie – PDI of the year and already described.
  • “Experienced Listener” by Nigel Cherry - a very delicate portrait of an elderly lady.
  • “The Dancer” by George Reekie – the graceful movement of dance using long exposure.  
  • “Coming and going!” by Nigel Cherry – B&W image of visitors entering & leaving Tate Modern.

The two images scoring 19 points were:

  • “Cinnamon-chested bee-eater closing in” – a very commendable in-flight shot of bird and bee.
  • ”Parting Company” by Chris West – a great deal of thought given to both composition and title!

Those scoring 18 points were:

  • “As idle as a painted ship on a painted ocean” by Chris West – exactly as in the title!
  • “Splicing ropes” by Janet Brown – an interesting portrait of a sailor doing exactly that!
  • “Storm Eunice strikes Sullington Warren” – by Dean Sephton - trees lashing around in wind
  • “Nisha grazing” by Ruth Rusby – beautiful photo of a horse grazing in a lovely landscape.  
  • “A Brighton Soaking” by Janet Brown – bystanders watching a storm and getting soaked.
  • “Daybreak Over the Loch” by Liz Barber – lovely daybreak scene with detail throughout.
  • “Bent by the wind” by Dean Sephton – interesting study of a tree and figure, battered by wind.
  • “Bluebell Wood” by Daisy Cane – a charming, colourful and very creative soft-focus image.
  • “Boardwalk” by Martin Tomes – a man in silhouette walking along a beach path, skilfully taken.

The remaining images are too numerous to describe individually but also won plaudits from the judge.

The judge’s comments on all images, both prints and PDIs, may be viewed in the attached files. The images themselves may be viewed by following the links at the head of this report!

Following a very enjoyable evening, Martin Tomes brought the event to a conclusion with a vote of thanks to Bob, whose insights and tips had been much appreciated!

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