Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
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Wednesday, 21 April 2021 14:00
Martin Tomes

We will be looking at and commenting on images from Kristina Byng and Nigel Cherry using the LRPS criteria to direct us.

Using the LRPS criteria sounds a bit grand, but the LRPS is all about using basic photography skills well. The panel aspect of the LRPS doesn't apply. Here are the relevant criteria:


  1. Correct point of focus with appropriate depth of field. You should be able to demonstrate that you know how to control these elements of camera craft through your choice of shutter  speed and aperture when appropriate for the subject matter. 
  2. Suitable sharpness for the subject matter. Camera shake, over enlargement of images or a low‐resolution file may result in poor technical quality.
  3. Correct exposure with appropriate control of highlight/shadow detail and tonal range.
  4. Correct colour rendition/management for the image.
  5. An absence of processing faults or digital defects.


  1. A good understanding of how to use light in photography. The correct choice of source and direction, time of day (if natural) and intensity of light can greatly enhance an image. Correct use of light can create a mood or atmosphere and add impact to an image.
  2. Composition and design bring all the visual elements together. Effective composition directs the viewers’ attention and prompts them to look where the creator intended.
  3. Correct choice of viewpoint and an awareness of distracting backgrounds.
  4. Appropriate use of colour/monochrome medium.
  5. Appropriate use of manipulation or post‐production techniques. It is not a requirement to include manipulated images but if you choose to do so it should add value to the image and any post‐production work must be technically appropriate.


  1. Show clarity of intent with the image and where appropriate a point of interest.
  2. Demonstrate evidence of imagination and creativity to convey a mood, message or idea.
  3. Show understanding and empathy with the subject matter.
  4. The ability to capture the decisive moment when appropriate.