What a treat

Meeting Report

Rosie Armes,who has more photographic honours after her name than you can wave a stick at, gave us a rare showing of the most amazingly wonderful prints second to no other collection that I have ever seen at SCC. They were simply inspiring.

Rosie started by showing us her ARPS panel of 15 prints which were taken at a fairground and it was awash with bright colours. It illustrated how a collection of prints arranged properly can hold together and create a wonderful spectacle although some of the images on their own would not have impressed.

Next we were told how she decided to go to Dungeness to seek material for her FRPS panel; a black and white building caught her eye and she took a series of pictures of it as the basis. Her first submission was rejected on the grounds that the wording of her statement did not suit one of the panel of judges. This Rosie amended, resubmitted and then was awarded her FRPS. we were able to admire both her panels at the break.

For the remainder of the first half, we were shown a series of prints, mainly portraits, showing them 'as taken' followed by the finished print after some expert 'post production' work. Rosie is an extremely talented photographer, who is very experienced with manipulation with Photoshop, but also an artist with amazing vision. With these three exceptional gifts she is able to produce the most spectacular prints which convey feeling which is something that most of us fail miserably to do.