We finished in the middle

Meeting Report

A good turnout of stalwart SCC members (eight of us) turned up at Heathfield for the Sussex Fed print competition. Unfortunately we did not do too well (as usual), however, one of our best photographers Jean MacWhirter did very well indeed to get one of only eight 20s out of the 100 prints entered.

Twenty clubs from all over East and West Sussex, and a couple from Kent, including some very good and much larger clubs than us took part, each entering five prints. This is in a different league to the Regnum Crouch competitions when only about ten clubs enter.

In the first round, Daisy Kane's 'Mare and Foal' got 15 marks and we started off in 4th position. Then in round 2, my 'Venice canal' also got 15 and we were in much the same place. By now only three 20s had been awarded.

Things looked up for us in round three when Jean's 'Buff-necked Ibis with Grub' got its 20 and we rose to 12th equal. Very well done Jean.

Round four saw Chairlady Di's 'Walking in Haste' awarded 17, not too bad at all. There were three 20s in that round.

In the final round, Ian MacWhirter's 'Icelandic Icebergs with Volcanic Ash' scored a very good 18 and we ended up 10th overall with 85 points out of a possible 100. This was almost entirely due to the MacWhirter family who I predicted when they joined our club would be very important members. Thank the Lord for the MacWhirters!!

We may not have had a very good result in the competition, but we cleaned up in the raffle. I bought six tickets which produced three prizes and in addition, Paul got a bottle and Ian and Anne also won prizes. The raffle had a ridiculously large number of prizes and went on for at least a quarter of an hour.

Daisy and I returned home licking our wounds, but we just did not impress the judge Chris Coates with our pictures.