The last formal meeting

Meeting Report

The AGM followed the same routine as usual with one major change-I was in theChair.

During my report for the year I mentioned how much we appreciated Jane Coward arranging the Coffee mornings and I also thanked John Gauvin for giving us a series of tutorials on Lightroom and I gave them each a small token of our thanks.

Reports from the Treasurer and the Competition Secretaries followed and then we had the Election of Officers. Paul Hayward and I as joint Chairmen, but, we now have a Vice Chairman in Janet Brown, a new Treasurer in Sarah Beard and a new Publicity man Kevin Harwood. Welcome to the new team who will look after the club next season.

Next was ‘Any Other Business’ and we had a 20 minute discussion with the rest of the club as to what they liked about his suggestions for new events. They were very interesting but they kept on coming and Committee members to the left of me started to get agitated about the time going on. And then Peter Picthall had several more questions about our governance and why we could not get more members, which is a topic that has been aired since Adam was a boy. We will continue our efforts to recruit aided by Kevin.

Anyway, we were able to move on to the presentation of the cups which was carried out by Paul Hayward as follows:

  • The Picthall Cup for the Most improved PI worker: Peter Picthall
  • The Rowling Cup for the Most improved Print worker: Norman Kirby
  • The Petworth Cup for the Best PI of the year: David Seddon
  • The Emmet Challenge Cup for the Best Print of the year: Daisy Kane
  • The Taylor Cup for the PI worker of the year: David Seddon
  • The Dixon Cup for the Print worker of the year: Norman Kirby
  • The Anonymous Cup for the Photographer of the year : Anne Nagle

Congratulations to all the recipients, but especially David and Norman for winning two cups each, Norman’s work has impressed us all this year.

After the presentations we had a shortened break before the Auction of bits and bobs that nobody really wants; but it raises valuable cash for the club. Paul and Alex gave us their usual amusing banter, and both Peter and David tried to ‘out-do’ each other to see who could buy the most unwanted ‘stuff’ and that was really good of them because largely with their efforts we raised £168, brilliant!

And so another season finishes. We have a few summer events coming up - the visit to the British Wildlife Centre at Lingfield on June 7th (if anyone else wishes to join us for a really good visit please tell Daisy or me); the cream tea to be at Chris’s house again (date not yet fixed); Janet is also trying to arrange some other outside visits and of course the Coffee mornings continue.

Good bye till September.

Submitted by Derek Grieve on Thu, 01/06/2017 07:51