Going for the Line crosses the line.

Meeting Report

Going for the line - Martin TomesThe first Print competition of the new season was held on the 6th October.  The Judge for the evening was Bob Webzell. Bob is self-taught in Photography and was awarded his Royal Photographic distinctions in 1999 and 2001. A past president of Brighton and Hove Camera Club, he supports educational developments in Tanzania.

Sixty-Five images were submitted for adjudication with some 38%  (5*20, 7*19 and 13*18) receiving scores of 18 or more attesting to the high standard of the prints submitted. It was particularly gratifying in seeing many of the new members submitting images for the first time.

In assessing our images Bob concentrated and sharpness of the image and critical in the focal point of the image. The high level of marking confirms that we, as a club, are predominantly adept at getting it right.

Well done to everyone for making this a varied and stimulating competition and congratulations to Martin Tomes for achieving ‘best of the night’ with ‘Going for the Line’

The top images were marked as follows


Walking in HasteDi Walker
Polar Bear in a HurryIan MacWhirter
Icelandic Icebergs with Volcanic AshIan MacWhirter
Buff-necked Ibis with GrubJean MacWhirter
Going for the LineMartin Tomes


Brazilian CowboysJean MacWhirter
Wells Cathedral OrganMartin Tomes
Poppies in the WindDaisy Kane
Reflected GloryJanet Brown
GeraniumJohn Gauvin
SunflowerJohn Gauvin
Is Big Brother Watching?Liz Barber


Marbled Whites MatingDi Walker
Yacare Caiman in SwampJean MacWhirter
PinkMartin Tomes
SadDaisy Kane
Past it's BestAlex Swyer
Can You Do ThisAlex Swyer
Hang About!Anne Nagle
Our father who art in HeavenCharmaine Hayes
Ripples in the WaterCharmaine Hayes
Venice (Water) CanalDerek Grieve
Bee on LavenderJane Coward
Hot SpotsPeter Michell
RaphellaPeter Michell