4th Competition

A Fit of the Giggles by David Seddon

This eagerly awaited competition was postponed from 1st March due to snow.

It was good to welcome back Carole Speight ARPS APAGB, a member of Chichester Camera Club, and local resident in Billingshurst with an interest in landscape photography in various forms, both at home and abroad.

Twenty six high standard prints were presented and of these a third were held back.  Carole commenting that she had given herself a hard job for the final marking.  This certainly proved to be true. Carole commented on the high degree of patience shown when photographing nature with all its nuances. Anne Nagle’s “Pygmy Cormorant” and Derek Grieve’s “Red shank probing” both attracted 18 and positive comments about sharpness and activity by the bird, “something different”. Daisy Kane’s “Silky waterfall” another 18 pleased the judge with placement of the rock and the choice of slow shutter speed. Sarah Beard chose “Icon’s of London”, gained 18 for something different and the inclusion of the “iconic red bus on the bridge”, well seen Sarah.

The two 19s were high standard nature pictures, taking time and patience to produce, Brian Simmons “Looking foxy” was sharp and the turn of the head pleasing, while the rare “Female bearded tit” by Derek Grieve showed amazing detail, so Derek did really well this evening, congratulations.

Three beautiful prints were given 20, Daisy Kane for “Impressions of a Huntsman” a skilful and creative image, well captured with the huntsman looking back, which set the scene well. ”Last day of the tulip” by Norman Kirby delighted the judge for being creative with subtle colours and the diagonal setting adding to the overall positive response.

Finally “Tulip Splendour” by Anne Nagle and named print of the night, a good night’s work.  The judge saw this print as well planned and executed with regards to subtle colours and shapes to deliver a really pleasing image.

Top of the pops Anne well done.

Thanks to Carole for her helpful and encouraging comments and for her discerning decisions to help us on our photographic journeys.

Refreshments followed with an opportunity to examine the prints more closely before moving on to the 33 projected images, which on the whole scored less well than the prints with only 5 held back.

Three PIs were given 18 all very different. Janet Brown’s “Comings and Goings”, a cleverly seen underground tube with enough movement to show each train on the move with good clear colours well captured. Next up Chris West “Puente del Alamillo Seville”, certainly the hardest to pronounce and spell! This was an unusual and effective photo, well captured, well timed showing still some light in the sky. “Bad hair day” by Audrey Gray was the last 18, the judge appreciating the clarity, colours and background, as this red squirrel chomped away at the nuts.

Continuing the stunning nature pictures, Kevin Harwood attracted one of the two 19s, for “Ruddy Turnstone snack time” the judge enjoying the snack being still in the beak, but felt that there was too much foreground. Secondly a quite different an exciting monochrome “Storm coming” by Alex Swyer, the judge really appreciating the patterns going up the fields and the cloud formations.

So we come to the well deserved 20s, Anne Nagle “Young jackal”, much appreciated by the judge for the sharpness the clever placing of the jackal, allowing the sun to just highlight the top of the ears, again well done Anne, a good night all round.

Snarling wildcat by Derek Grieve really struck terror with the snarl and anger apparent.  Well captured with lovely lighting making the whiskers stand out, the out of focus background enhancing the clarity of the wildcat.

Finally 20 and Projected Image of the night David Seddon and “Fit of the giggles” a delightful image of a granddaughter giggling, as only little girls do. A well taken image with excellent capture, especially of the highlights in the eyes. Welcome home David and well done.

A good night’s work all round and well worth waiting for, well done everybody.

Submitted by Audrey Gray on Sun, 25/03/2018 09:19