Third competition of 2021-22

Spring is coming, Herastrau Lake, Bucharest by Ruth Rusby

Our 3rd competition of the 2021-22 season took place on 20 January. Like the earlier meetings it was a physical meeting with additional Covid precautions, instead of being a virtual meeting on Zoom. The judge, Ken Scott ARPS, describes himself as a photographer, adventurer, speaker, coach and trainer from Sussex. He is well known to the club, is a member of Steyning Camera Club and runs training sessions for photographic judges.  

Ken started off by explaining the basis of the scoring – the scores are relative and a score of 15 or 16 represents a good standard and a good image. Scores above this are exceptional in some way!  During his judging, Ken emphasised the good aspects of all images and gave many tips for improvement, which were appreciated by all.

Favourite images of the evening

The judge’s favourite print of the evening was “Downs’ textures” by Dean Sephton; a view over the Downs which immediately caught the judge’s eye. The composition highlighted different textures which led the eye through the image. The judge also praised the quality of the paper and printing.  

The judge’s favourite PDI of the evening was “Spring is coming, Herastrau Lake, Bucharest” by Ruth Rusby. Showing ice receding from around boats at the lakeside as spring approaches, the judge said he could feel the cold and described it as a very successful image.  

Being the judge’s favourites, these were each given a bonus point and were therefore awarded 21 points.  

Results in more detail

Printed Images

In total there were 16 prints. Of these two received the full 20 points, one received 19 points and one scored 18 points.

Those scoring the full 20 points were:

Downs' Textures by Dean Sephton
Downs' Textures by Dean Sephton

“Downs’ textures”  by Dean Sephton and already described – a lovely image over the South Downs and judged best printed image of the evening and …

“Lighting the Corniche, Albert Embankment” by Janet Brown. Described as a clever piece of photography this was a minimalist image of distinctive buildings along the Albert Embankment – a fine example of ‘less is more’. A beautifully elegant image, well printed.  

The print scoring 19 marks was “The Fat Controller” by John Gauvin. Described by the judge as one of the best images seen in a long time from this type of photoshoot, it portrayed a deep discussion between two railway workers and ‘oozed’ atmosphere

The image scoring 18 points was “Light on the Hills” by Martin Tomes. Showing sun bursting through clouds onto hills beneath. The judge described this image as very skilful for the way the photographer had maintained the detail and contrast throughout.

Projected Images (PDIs)

In total there were 30 projected images, of which three scored the full 20 points, one scored 19 points and three scored 18 points.

The three images scoring 20 were:

  • “Spring is coming, Herastrau Lake, Bucharest“ by Ruth Rusby. An image with a strong feeling of ‘cold’ and which has already been described.
  • “Resplendent Quetzal Take Off“ by George Reekie. A remarkable photograph depicting a stunning bird caught in a dramatic pose against a rain filled background.
  • And “Antlers – front and profile” by Daisy Kane. A beautiful image of a deer with lovely lighting, gorgeous colours and interesting shadows.

The image scoring 19 points was “ The Dancer” by George Reekie. This was highly praised for the use of colour and the sense of movement caught by the photographer.

The three images scoring 18 points were:

  • “...but Comrade…”.by Nigel Cherry;  this demonstrated skilful processing which enhanced the engagement of the subject and gave the sense of a genuine WW2 era photograph.
  • “Dusk at Loughrigg Tarn” by Dean Stephton. This image showed real feeling and energy. A very balanced image skilfully executed.
  • And “The Surfer” by John Gauvin; a good sports action shot which displayed atmosphere, energy and excitement.

The remaining images are too numerous to describe individually but also won plaudits from the judge.  

The judge’s comments on all images, both prints and PDIs, may be viewed in the attached files and the images themselves may be viewed by following the links at the head of this report.

Following a very enjoyable evening, Martin Tomes brought the event to a conclusion with a vote of thanks to Ken whose insights and tips had been much appreciated!

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