Members' Evening - Three Images Many Ways

dog on the beach
Thursday, 14 December 2023 19:30
George Reekie

A session for us to look at our different interpretations of the same three photographs.  You may remember this was one of the suggestions at the AGM.

You can see and download the images here:!Ar7_PBeyHLkAhmWHzYNRJaO3QRjO?e=CyX9Kq

You can submit up to three edits so process one of the files in three different ways if you wish or have a go at editing all three files. 

Start with the raw files if you have Lightroom or Photoshop or software that processes raw files. Start with the jpegs if your processer doesn't work with raw. 

Anything goes so try to be creative - add or subtract things, change exposure, lighting, colour, etc. The only given is that we should be able to recognise that you started from the given file. Keep a few notes on what you did.

Submit up to three finished images through the club competition site here:

Not that you will need an incentive to come but as, it’s is our last meeting before Christmas, there will be mince pies and cake!