John Duncan's best photograph: a front-row seat on Belfast's sectarian divide

‘The chairs look out on to the only park with a peace line through it. Eyes on the wall are looking back. There’s tension there. I’m not sure if it’s hopeful or not’

I’ve lived in Belfast almost all my life. When I took this, I had recently moved to the north of the city, to Limestone Road, in search of cheaper rent. I didn’t know until after I moved in, but it was at the border between a Catholic and a Protestant area. For the first time in my life, I witnessed sectarian violence right on my doorstep: regular riots, brick and bottle throwing.

I took it just off Limestone Road, a few minutes from where I lived and still close to where I am now. As a photographer, you get a sort of sixth sense for places that might prove interesting and that’s what drew me here. The place was abandoned, ruined. I’ve no idea who put the chairs there, or whether they were the same people who sprayed the graffiti and smashed the wall. At first glance, the hole looks like it’s been broken through, but if you look closer you can see intact bricks jutting out, almost as if it was taken apart brick by brick.

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Olloclip launches Connect X lens system for Apple iPhone X

DP Review News - Wed, 02/05/2018 - 14:26

Smartphone accessory lens maker Olloclip has launched a new mobile lens system that is designed specifically for use with the Apple iPhone X.

With a number of interchangeable lenses and a "lens mount" that clips onto your device, Connect X works in a very similar way to previous Olloclip systems. However, the new lenses come with a number of features that are exclusive to Apple's flagship smartphone, including a lens mount that aligns perfectly with the iPhone X's front and rear cameras, allowing for use of the accessory lenses with both camera modules.

In addition, the lens mount is expandable and therefore usable in combination with most protective phone cases. The Connect X system also comes with a pendant stand designed to carry the set of lenses, but that also works as a mini-tripod.

There are six lenses available for the Connect X system:

  • Super-Wide: Four-element lens with 120° field of view
  • Ultra-Wide: 155° field-of-view
  • Fisheye + 15x Macro: 180° wide-angle spherical effect + 15x magnification
  • Telephoto: 2x optical zoom
  • 14x + 7x Macro
  • 21x Macro

The system is now available to order on Individual components range from $60 to $80. You can also purchase a Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X which contains the Connect X lens mount plus Super-Wide, Fisheye, and Macro 15x lenses. It will set you back $100. The bundle will also be available at Apple Stores starting in June.

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Sample gallery: Pentax K-1 II

DP Review News - Wed, 02/05/2018 - 14:00
$(document).ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_2340689509","galleryId":"2340689509","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"selectedImageIndex":0,"isMobile":false}) });

The Pentax K-1 was one of the most anticipated DSLRs in recent memory - with the K-1 II, Pentax hopes to take image quality and ISO performance to the next level. We're presently finishing up our full review of the camera, but wanted to share some sample images, shot in and around Seattle, WA, prior to publishing.

See our Pentax K-1 II sample gallery

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Otter's checkup and a watchful marionette: Wednesday's top photos

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you photo highlights from around the world

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An open book: a photographer's love letter to city libraries – in pictures

Swiss librarian and photographer Thomas Guignard captures the beauty, symmetry and intricate designs of libraries across the world

To some they are a sanctuary, to others a place of silent boredom, but to Swiss photographer Thomas Guignard libraries are a thing of beauty.

Working as a librarian and photographer for the last 12 years, Canada-based Guignard combines his great loves in the Instagram account @concretelibraries.

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Graham Turner's first digital camera

The Guardian on Photography Technology - Wed, 02/05/2018 - 09:57

At the GNM Archive we don’t just look after paper records. We also care for a small collection of physical objects, many of which hold remarkable stories. One object in particular, a digital camera formerly used by photographer Graham Turner, presents an interesting opportunity to explore the influences of digital technology on photography and the way we capture images.

In 1999, The Guardian made its shift from analogue to digital photography. Photographer Graham Turner recalls the transitionary period in which he used one of the first digital cameras at the Guardian:

It really was quite horrible to use. So slow, very poor battery life – one job would drain the battery. The cards stored so few photos, it was necessary to wait and wait for them to be stored and the quality was really rather poor ... on the other hand, I did feel, and so did my colleagues, that we were at the forefront of a new technological era which was rather exciting.

Related: Walter Doughty - Guardian's first photographer: teaching resource of the month from the GNM Archive, November 2011

Related: Jane Bown's Olympus OM-1 camera: teaching resource from the GNM Archive, April 2013

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Weather view: share your photos of this week's weather around the world

We’re looking for your best beautiful and striking weather-related photos. From cloudy skies to glorious sunshine, share your pictures of this week’s weather and we’ll choose a selection to be printed in the paper

From heatwaves in Australia, to snow in the US and Middle East, to storms and flooding in the UK, you’ve shared some dramatic images with the Guardian. But the weather doesn’t have to be extreme to make a great picture. Wherever you are in the world, we’d love to see your most striking photos of this week’s weather.

In your description, please tell us where you took the photo (it can be anywhere in the world) and the date you took it (it should be in the last week).

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Turner with a basketball hoop – in pictures

French artist Guillaume Hebert takes the backgrounds from old-master paintings and pairs them with photographs of urban scenes. The results are as alluring as they are disorienting

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Protests in Paris, May 1968 – photographs then and now

As Paris exploded in mass protests, words scrawled on the walls of the Sorbonne summed up the revolutionary zeal: “Run free, comrade, we’ve left the old world behind!” Fifty years on, May 1968 remains a watershed moment. Photographer Alicia Canter revisits the key locations.

The black and white images of students lobbing cobblestones over barricades in the Latin Quarter of Paris in May 1968 are still clung to as defining a significant moment in modern French history.

The May 1968 protests are remembered for students in Nanterre, outside Paris, railing against rules preventing men and women students visiting each other’s living quarters. But the row about the right to be treated as adults was soon subsumed into much bigger concerns and disillusionment with the leadership of an ageing General de Gaulle in an oppressively hierarchical society.

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Corephotonics files patent infringement suit against Apple – again

DP Review News - Tue, 01/05/2018 - 20:41

In November 2017 we reported that Israel-based company Corephotonics—which is best known for its smartphone dual-camera systems—had filed a patent infringement case against Apple in federal court.

The company claimed that Apple had used Corephotonics' dual-camera zoom technology in the iPhone 7 Plus without any authorization or licensing agreement. Previously Corephotonics had demoed its technology to Apple and received positive feedback. However, the iPhone makers refused a licensing deal, suggesting Corephotonics patents could be infringed with little consequence.

A second lawsuit has now been filed to also include the newer iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models. In addition it covers another patent that was only granted in January 2018, as Patently Apple reports. This makes the claim slightly confusing as both the iPhone 8 Plus and X were developed and released earlier than the patent was granted.

Things are made even more complicated by the fact that Corephotonics investors include Foxconn and chipmaker MediaTek, both of which are Apple suppliers. We'll make sure to keep an eye on things and see how this case develops.

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May Day celebrations in Glastonbury – in pictures

Although more synonymous with International Workers’ Day and Labour Day, May Day, or Beltane, is celebrated by druids and pagans as the beginning of summer. It offers a chance to celebrate the coming of the season of warmth and light. Other traditional English May Day rites and celebrations include Morris dancing and the crowning of a May Queen with celebrations involving a Maypole

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John Reardon obituary

Photographer and Observer picture editor whose work ranged from capturing the stark reality of war to the world of celebrity chefs

Readers of the Observer with an interest in foreign affairs will have been moved and mobilised by the harrowing photographs taken by John Reardon, who has died aged 66 of lung cancer. He was a veteran of some 14 wars, conflicts and natural disasters in the 1980s and 90s; his Nikon looked into the eyes of a child who had just undergone an amputation and exchanged gazes with a mortar-toting mujahid. He was with the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the Tigrayans in Ethiopia, in Afghanistan in 1993 (earning an accolade from the World Press Photo awards) and Kosovo in 1997, and went from covering the intifada to the streets of New York after 9/11.

His was classic magazine work from the tail-end of the golden era of Sunday supplements. It was stark, yet stylish, appalling and appealing, and, above all, humane, which made the Observer Reardon’s natural home. It’s unusual for a photographer’s documentary work to have a unique flavour: Reardon’s did, and his mark was this plaintive humanity, almost a sentimentality, which he served with something acerbic, a squeeze of lemon to the eye.

Related: The photography of John Reardon

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Halide update adds Apple Watch support, self-timer and more

DP Review News - Tue, 01/05/2018 - 15:21

The makers of Halide today released an update to version 1.8 of the iPhone camera app, introducing a number of major new features.

A new Apple Watch companion app gives you access to framing tools, lets you set the timer and trigger the camera remotely, all from your wrist. You get an image preview on the watch display and according to the developers the watch app has been designed for fast and responsive operation.

For those without an Apple Watch, there is now also a timer mode in the main app, which can be set to 3, 10, or 30 seconds and comes with a countdown on the display for front camera use. When shooting with the main camera, countdown progress is signaled by the flash LED.

In addition there is an updated image review module with a grid-style layout, support for Dynamic and Bold type and VoiceOver support for improved accessibility. For privacy purposes you can now also prevent location information from being embedded in your EXIF data and select options to limit location sharing with connected social apps.

The Halide 1.8 update is free to existing customers. Everyone else can download the latest version of the app from the App Store for $5.99.

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AFP Kabul chief photographer among journalists killed by suicide bomber

DP Review News - Tue, 01/05/2018 - 15:00

AFP news agency's Kabul Chief Photographer Shah Marai was one of several journalists killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan's capital city, the agency has confirmed. The attack happened approximately 15 minutes after an initial suicide blast and specifically targeted journalists and aid workers who arrived on scene following the first attack. The second suicide bomber was disguised as a journalist, according to BBC.

The AFP, via Yahoo, has since reported that Marai and nine other journalists were killed in the attack, as well as 'dozens' of others in multiple blasts today. BBC further clarifies that four police officers were killed and at least 45 individuals were injured. Islamic State claims it was behind the attacks.

A statement from AFP Global News Director Michele Leridon on the death of Shah Marai, AFP's chief photographer in Kabul (Part 1 of 2)

— AFP news agency (@AFP) April 30, 2018

Marai, father of six including a newborn, began working as a photographer for the AFP in 1998. He described his experiences covering the region under Taliban rule in an essay published by the AFP, including the changes that came with their ousting in 2001 and their return in 2004, as well as the risks associated with carrying a camera.

The agency has issued statements on the tragedy and published a video showcasing some of Marai's work:

Note: Comments on this article are open. Comments that do not adhere to our community posting rules will be deleted, and we reserve the right to close commenting entirely.

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SiOnyx Aurora action cam with color night vision blasts past Kickstarter funding goal

DP Review News - Tue, 01/05/2018 - 14:00

Kickstarter's latest major funding success is a campaign for SiOnyx's Aurora, an action cam said to be the first ever day/night camera of its kind offering "true night vision." SiOnyx packed a 1-inch sensor into Aurora for low-light capabilities, using it to offer both night vision and color night vision recording options for twilight and night time settings.

Aurora records low-light scenes at 10x the brightness compared to standard CMOS sensors, according to SiOnyx, which claims there are no competing products with Aurora's level of performance at a sub-$800 price point. SiOnyx provides multiple examples of Aurora in action on its YouTube channel, including the video below:

Aurora features a manual Day/Twilight/Night mode selector, as well as time lapse, still picture, and video recording options. The camera has an IP67 waterproof rating for submersion to depths down to 3ft / 1m for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Joining the large 1-inch sensor is an F1.4, 2.0, 5.6 selectable 16mm lens, 8 fps to 60 fps recording, 4x digital zoom, integrated compass/accelerometer/GPS, stereo audio, color/monochrome display, WiFi, a 32GB microSD card for storage and support for both iOS and Android.

SiOnyx has exceeded its $50,000 Kickstarter funding goal, so far raising about $200,000 with 24 days remaining in the campaign. The company is offering an Aurora Early Bird unit for backers who pledge at least $559 USD with shipping expected to start in July 2018, assuming everything goes according to plan. Aurora will have a $799 USD MSRP.

Via: PhotographyBLOG

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May Day protests and the migrant caravan: Tuesday's top photos

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you photo highlights from around the world

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Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm F2.8-4 Yellowstone Sample Gallery

DP Review News - Tue, 01/05/2018 - 13:00
$(document).ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_5935636838","galleryId":"5935636838","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"selectedImageIndex":0,"isMobile":false}) });

The Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm F2.8-4 is a powerful - and portable - telezoom for Micro Four Thirds cameras, providing the equivalent of a 100-400mm focal length range. On paper, this compact stabilized zoom is perfect for wildlife photography, in environments where large, heavy lenses and tripods aren't always practical.

We recently returned from a trip to Yellowstone National Park with the 50-200mm and the Panasonic Lumix DC-G9. Check out our gallery to see how we got on.

See our Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm gallery

This gallery was shot on location, during a video shoot supported by Panasonic.

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Devotion: portrait of a mother and her friends – in pictures

Over several years, Franklyn Rodgers photographed his mother, Loretta, and her closest friends. The large portraits in the series, called Devotion, highlight the importance of these close-knit relationships

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Readers’ travel photography competition – May: win a trip to Greenland

Epic landscape or intimate portrait, if you’ve captured a great travel shot enter it in our monthly competition, and give yourself a chance of winning a nine-night photography holiday to West Greenland

Show off the highlight of your adventures and enter your best travel shot in our monthly competition. We’ll choose and publish the best, and the winning image will receive a £200 voucher that can be used against an i-escape stay at one of 1,500 boutique properties worldwide.

The winner will be entered for the overall annual prize, a nine-night trip to West Greenland for one person with Wild Photography Holidays, worth £3,950.

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Wildlife on your doorstep: share your May photos

How have the changing seasons affected the wildlife near you?

What sort of wildlife will we all discover on our doorsteps this month? We’d like to see your photos of the May wildlife near you, whether you’re a novice spotter or have been out and about searching for creatures great and small for years.

Share your photos and videos with us and we’ll feature our favourites on the Guardian site. We also occasionally print readers’ best images in the Guardian newspaper.

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