LepidopteraFor those wildlife enthusiasts especially those with an interest in Lepidoptera we have seen the emergence of the rare Duke of Burgundy a couple of weekends ago! There are only 8 colonies in the UK and locally, we have one of them! See a mating pair attached....

Happy New Year everyone!

Yet again, I find myself struggling to know where the time has gone since my last newsletter.

Looking back, we fitted in 3 library exhibitions (Billingshurst, Pulborough and Storrington in September and another one presently showing in Storrington Library (thanks to Derek, Liz ,Anne and Paul). Our photographs are being shown to the public every day to...

Summer went so fast ,yet we were able to fit in quite a few events to get the Club together including the main exhibition, our Summer BBQ, a trip to Rye and an evening walk in Horsham.

We also had an excellent start to the year – on the first night not only did we have the largest turnout of members we can remember but we also had many new members coming to see what the Club has to offer...

It only gets better – after the last newsletter congratulating Ruth on getting top spot in the second print competition along comes new member Charmaine Hayes – she enters two projected images in the 3rd competition and gets 20 and 19 – very well done.

Amazing, she only enters one, a first time for a print, and scoops the top position with a delightful posterised picture of a frolicking horse – very well done Ruth.

The best way to start - welcome to our new members, we are glad you have joined us and hope you enjoy your time in the photography club. Clearly the two ‘New Members Evenings’ have borne fruit and for the first time the club has undertaken such a venture must be declared successful. No doubt there could be improvements if we choose to run them again in the future.