The final gathering in 2017

Meeting Report

Members Evening

Well here we are again, 5am, brain working overtime you have got to write a report tomorrow so as you are now fully awake get on with it.

We had a committee meeting a week ago at my house, (running the committee meetings is about the only useful thing I do as joint Chairman), and the Christmas party was discussed. Our brilliant Secretary Daisy volunteered to get the food and drink again, bless her, and David said he would produce a quiz and Liz said she would come up with a picture quiz again.

And so it was on the night. Daisy arrived with a car full of food and drink and pots and trays with which to heat everything up.

Then the members arrived and we had a good turnout. We were divided into tables of up to four and I found myself sitting with Anne, Diana Newnes and Father Christmas, otherwise known as Alex.

We started with the quiz which David had devised and other people on my table (well a couple of them) did quite well. The top man was  Norman who was rewarded with a bottle of wine. Well done Norman.

However, yours truly is about as much use as a lawn  mower on a sailing boat when it comes to Quizzes. God forgot to give me a brain when he created me, as my Father found out when he sent me to a school which produced Doctors, hoping I would become a brain surgeon.

During breaks in the quiz, mulled wine and nibbles were available.

There then followed the picture quiz devised by Liz who had made up half a dozen small boards with pictures of famous people glued on them, together with the odd picture of a product .

We were allowed to confer this time and I was given the task of filling in our answer sheet (which I could manage). Our table were overwhelmingly top dogs and I had contributed!

We were treated to Audrey’s ‘EXCEEDINGLY GOOD’ mince pies and Chris did a fine job baking and icing a Christmas cake for us which we all enjoyed.

We all owe a huge vote of thanks to Daisy particularly, but also David for the quiz and also for being Master of Ceremonies.

Then there were Liz for her quiz; Audrey for her mince pies; Chris for the cake and everybody else who helped and attended for a very nice evening of festive fun.