Steve Gosling's show a great success

Meeting Report

This was our first photographic show for the general public (in my time in the club, and not including county competitions) but as we had recently hosted a couple of these, we were well versed in how to set things up. The event was at Pulborough Village Hall.

However, what gave us concern was whether we would be able to attract enough people to make the whole exercise work for us as a fund raising event.

The attraction was Steve Gosling a well respected landscape photographer from Yorkshire. We have to thank Tim Hulbert for suggesting Steve in the first place and for arranging for him to come. Steve and Tim have known each other for quite a long time and that made the whole event very much easier to arrange. It all went very well indeed with only one of the 90 seats available empty. The talk was very well received and the raffle (thanks to Jean MacWhirter our champion raffle lady) took over £90. Audrey Gray with a team of helpers provided the half time refreshments; and several other members including Paul, Steve  and others (excuse me if I have not mentioned you!) set up the hall, whilst Martin set up and ran the sound equipment and the projection (Lord knows what we would do without him).

Our Chairman Di gave her usual polished performance at the front and she, Daisy and Anne Nagle did a great deal of work before and during the event with publicity, booking the hall and lots of other bits like posters and flyers.

Now for the Main Man, Steve Gosling. Some of us got to know him the day before as he ran an all day workshop at Bosham (and again on Sunday) for 6 of us and gave very useful and interesting instruction on landscape photography.

On the Saturday evening Steve entitled his talk ‘Exploding the Myths of Landscape Photography’ and that is of course what he did. He listed a lot of the rules that we have all been told by camera club judges and magazines. Things like ‘the rule of thirds’ and you must always have an odd number of objects in your picture. Steve quoted these ‘rules’ and then showed us some of his brilliant and very interesting images that broke these rules to show that they are not always applicable. He said you should always bear the rules in mind; but rules are made to be broken.

Steve also covered types of cameras that he uses including compacts and pin-hole cameras and showed us examples in every case of his images taken with them. Also we were shown the use of different lenses but he told us that his most important item of equipment is his tripod, essential for composing his images and allowing precise adjustment.  He acknowledged that if you need to take a picture quickly to capture a moment then a tripod is a hindrance.

Locations are important and Steve has his favourites including the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, but pointed out that good landscape pictures can be taken just about anywhere at any time of day and in any weather. In fact he prefers wet and dull day to give atmosphere, and favours early mornings particularly.

Above all else, one should try to express your feelings and enthusiasm for the subject matter

Thank you Steve for three very worth while days of your time and talent.