A Good Result for Storrington

About to Kick Off by David Seddon

We came third in this competition, one point behind the leaders, who both had the same score and were separated using countback leaving Southwick as the winning club.

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David Seddon's "About to Kick Off" scored our highest mark of 19 points.

Marcus Scott Taggart was an excellent judge, if a little picky at times. He did like an image to be plausible, so one or two images which were composite or heavily modified fell down on that test.

Here's how our images fared.

Nigel CherryWatching the parade! by Nigel CherryWatching the parade!18
David SeddonAbout to Kick Off by David SeddonAbout to Kick Off19
Martin Tomes LRPSDowns Mist by Martin Tomes LRPSDowns Mist16
George ReekieHare Portrait by George ReekieHare Portrait18
Liz Barber LRPSFlying High by Liz Barber LRPSFlying High16
Alex SwyerLooking by Alex SwyerLooking17
Nigel CherrySulking! by Nigel CherrySulking!18
George ReekieBeing Watched by George ReekieBeing Watched16
  • Flying High by Liz Barber - He got this image and sort of liked it, he appreciated the fact that it isn't a straight false reflection.
  • Watching the Parade! by Nigel Cherry - Loved the boy looking through the railings and commented on the crop being appropriate to the image.
  • Sulking by Nigel Cherry - He thought the title was a little harsh, lovely tones, in the face and everything that should be sharp was. Liked the space on the left.
  • Being Watched by George Reekie - Considered it to be borrowed art. Liked the saturated red in the graffiti, didn't like the fact that the other reds in the image were also saturated.
  • Looking by Alex Swyer - Lots of emotion in this image. Had a good feel, modernised by the phones on the table.
  • Hare Portrait by George Reekie - A lovely shot of an hare. Didn't like the out of focus part at the bottom, would have liked it to be cropped out.
  • Downs Mist by Martin Tomes - Projected very badly, the sky went white. Liked the bottom, wanted the sky cropped out.
  • Kick Off by David Seddon - Could feel the testosterone, worked out that although the aggression came across well there probably wasn't any.

A good result for us.

The good news is that clubs are re-joining the Regnum Crouch group now, Crawley took part in this competition and Crawley Down will be joining and so will take part in the print competition in November.

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