Fourth Competition

	Autumn Over The Highlands by Liz Barber

Judge Mike Davison ARPS was warmly welcomed back by our chair Janet Brown.

Mike a member of Chichester Camera Club, formerly a member of this club, now returning as a judge, so poacher turned game keeper!

There were 22 prints attracting a total of twelve, 18s and above, so well done.

There were seven prints at 18, some held back, some direct scores, but all of a high standard. Nigel Cherry first off the blocks with both his entries in this category, “Trunk call” a lovely wild life picture of well placed elephants and “Out of the storm” a well recorded picture of a Catalina flying boat, Chris West with “Temple at Kom Ombo”, praised by the judge for its sharpness throughout and excellent print, Norman Kirby with “Goodnight yacht- America” was praised for the sunset, but the judge felt that the boat was too much in shade.  Janet Brown’s “Light bringer”, quite different with street angel decorations high up, with a realistic blue effect and good detail drawing the eye into the picture. Another 18 for Derek Grieve with “Black tailed Godwit with worm”, praised by the judge for the way the bird stood out was sharp and well positioned and the final 18 for Martin Tomes with “Shoreham Old Toll Bridge”, the judge enjoying the beautiful content, well handled highlights and excellent contrast.

So to the two 19s, from two comparatively recent members, very good to see, congratulations to you both.  David Perks with “The bass man”, giving us so much to look at with lovely lighting, the judge wondered about the placement of the guitar player’s hand, but felt the photographer had got it right, as it works.  Carole Hazlerigg with “Morning mist over the Arun”, Mike liked the subtle pastel colours and clever handling of colours, so Carole continues her high learning curve, well done.

Finally to the three 20s, which gave the judge a real challenge to choose the print of the night.  Chris West offered “A calm morning”, which the judge said was a straight forward picture with lovely colours, well handled highlights and excellent printing, praise indeed, well done Chris.  In complete contrast Janet Brown with “Poppy”, which the judge really liked for the good contact effect from the young girl and excellent expression from the subject, congratulations Janet.  Finally Liz Barber with “Autumn over the Highlands”, which the judge described as a lovely effect, catching the perfect moment and the use of matt paper really enhanced the overall pleasing effect  and after considerable deliberation named this print of the night.  Huge congratulations to Liz for a well deserved accolade.

Heron Fishing at Sunset by David Seddon
Heron Fishing at Sunset by David Seddon

There were 28 projected images again attracting twelve with 18 points and more, with some familiar names in the mix, congratulations to you all.  Martin Tomes attracting two 18s for “Virgin intercity”, an interesting abstract, which provided a challenge with mirrors that the judge liked, followed by “Oily” enjoyed for its isolation and definition of colours isolating an important part of the wheel with well produced colours.  Derek Grieve was awarded two 18s with “Wild cat” with a very good well captured shot and “Red squirrel” a sharp nicely coloured picture, where the background works well and the head and face showing a good portrait.  Chris West presented “Having a smoke” given 18, which the judge liked as the background made the man stand out, but his face was perhaps too red and lastly in the 18s “Fiddler crab breakfast”, well placed crab with the whirlpool setting off the bird with highlights well contained, well done Kevin Harwood.

So to the 19s, where Norman Kirby was given two 19s for “After Hokusai”, which Mike described as something else and as excellent with good use of the control point and followed it with some discussion about the central point, then  “Hippeastrum”, a lovely picture that the judge thought might be a bit too light, but he loved the colours and softness.  Chris West comes to the fore again with 19 for “The Abandoned Gold Mine” the judge commenting on the well chosen viewpoint and the final 19 to Carole Hazlerigg “Canada Square Tunnel”, the judge liking the slightly off set angle with a good ceiling direction and light, a powerful picture, which may have been enhanced with definite figures at the farthest point.

The final and 20s of the PIs were Liz Barber with ”A Cornish Sunset” beautiful colours which work well and the judge found very pleasing, but this was topped by David Seddon for “Heron fishing at sunset” and declared printed image of the night, as the judge appreciated the subtle colours, the detail and positioning of the bird and described it as an extra beautiful picture, well deserved praise indeed, well done David.

Janet Brown thanked Mike for his detailed and sensitive judging, which gave us points to work on for the future, thanks, claps and cheers all round for our well deserved successful photographers.

Submitted by Audrey Gray on Mon, 04/03/2019 20:47