BEST of the best - Best of year competition 2020-21

Bronze Dahlia by Liz Barber LRPS

The last of our competitions of the 2020-21 season took place via Zoom on 13 May to choose the best print and best projected image (PDI) of the season. The prints and projected images were forwarded to our judge, Peter Rocchiccioli, ahead of the meeting. Peter is a very experienced judge from Chichester Camera Club. Whilst scoring the entries he gave copious suggestions for improvement.

Best of Year images

The best PDI of the year was “World Cup Slalom” by Janet Brown; which the judge described as an excellent and very colourful action shot, showing the deep concentration on the face of the Olympic champion slalom canoeist. The judge complimented the photographer.

The best print of the year was “Bronze Dahlia” by Liz Barber; a very striking and beautifully presented image of a Dahlia with fantastic textures giving it the appearance of an oil painting, which the judge described as excellent.

Both worthy winners indeed!

As always, the standard of all images was high with much to commend them. The results are given in more detail below.

Projected Images

World Cup Slalom by Janet Brown LRPS
World Cup Slalom by Janet Brown LRPS

In total there were 26 images, of which 2 scored the full 20 points, 3 scored 19 points and 5 scored 18 points.

The two images scoring 20 were:

  • ”World Cup Slalom” by Janet Brown, already described as PDI of the year showing a colourful action shot.
  • “Bad News” by David Seddon; a B&W portrait capturing the atmosphere of desperation following bad news, which the judge described as outstanding.

The three images scoring 19 were: “Evening Vista” by Dean Sephton; a very artistic landscape image over the S Downs looking towards the coast, with lovely colours at sunset; “Quixotic cornflower” by Norman Kirby; an unusual abstract image with movement, action and lovely texture, the judge urged Norman to do more of this; and “Harbourside” by Norman Kirby, an interesting picture of the decaying hull of a boat with psychedelic colours, described as a real photographer’s photograph.

The five images scoring 18 were: “Playing an Irish reel!” by Nigel Cherry; a lovely B&W portrait of a violin player in full flight as he plays an Irish reel, the movement fully evident; “Hierachy of Hats” by Chris West showing a nice railway scene including a railway manager, supervisor and driver in discussion beside a steam train; “Twas a dark and stormy night …!” by Nigel Cherry; a portrait of a story teller full of atmosphere and expression; “RX89” by Martin Tomes; a fishing boat surrounded by gulls circling round looking for titbits; and “Eyes on the Ball” by Kevin Harwood; a lovely action shot of a dog chasing a ball showing the excitement in the dog’s face.


In total there were 24 prints, of which 2 scored the full 20 points, 2 scored 19 points and 8 scored 18 points.

The two images scoring 20 were:

  • “Bronze Dahlia” by Liz Barber, already described as the best print of the year and showing a beautiful presentation of a Dahlia.
  • “Sweet peas” by Kristina Byng; a very delicate and exquisitely printed image of a sweet pea, with the stem leading the eye through the image to the very lovely textures in the leaves.

The 2 prints scoring 19 marks were: “Stop right where you are!” by Nigel Cherry, a really well put together attractive image of a stag, staring straight at, and uncomfortably close to, the photographer and showing lovely colours; and “Iris” by Liz Barber; another of her beautiful flowers showing great skill in post-processing, bringing out the very best of the Iris and a really high-quality print.

The 8 images scoring 18 marks were:

  • “The Sentinel” by Kristina Byng; an excellent B&W image of a tree, with lots of detail,
  • “Aldwick Dawn” by Dean Sephton; a beautiful beach scene at dawn with lots of textures and interest,
  • “Winter Low Tide” by Kevin Harwood; an unusual beach scene with lots of textures leading the eye through the image,
  • “Gulls in the Mist” by Daisy Kane; a well seen image strongly conveying the atmosphere of the scene,
  • “Morning Light in the Fjords” by Janet Brown; an excellent and beautiful travel picture with lots of atmosphere,
  • “Illumination Revelation” by Chris West; showing a powerful scene in an ancient Egyptian temple, 
  • “Thicket on Misty Morning” by Dean Sephton; a very charming image with a strong mood and interesting colours,
  • And “Let me rest Awhile” by Kevin Harwood; a really interesting image of giraffes showing unusual animal behaviour.

The judge’s comments on all images may be viewed in the attached files and the images themselves may be viewed by following the links at the head of this report!

Following a very enjoyable evening, Martin Tomes brought the event to a conclusion with a vote of thanks to Peter.

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