Another success

On Friday evening four SCC members attended the Regnum Print Competition hosted by Littlehampton CC at the Woodlands Hall in Rustington which is a very nice airy hall, well appointed, but with the most uncomfortable seats ever. Come to Storrington CC where we have a choice of two types of seat, both comfortable.

The Judge for the competition was Mr Jon Mitchell from Havant CC who had some cheery comments to make about a very good set of entries.

We started with Round 1, funnily enough, and the first print up was a stunning picture of two Gannet’s heads with their beaks touching a the tips with their black markings and the yellow of their necks showing with every other part of the print in white, by Anne McDonald for Chichester CC, and it was immediately awarded a very deserved 20. Our entry was the very beautiful ‘Honey Bee’ by Di Walker which got a well deserved 19, a brilliant start for us.

In Round 2 our entry was Liz Barber’s lovely soft ‘Seascape Abstract’ which was awarded 17. There were quite a number of abstracts in the competition and they were all compared with each other, and true to say the judge preferred several of the others; all these things are the judges personal tastes and are therefore are only his opinion. (I have great admiration for all judges, because I would not like to do their job for sure)

Round 3, and by now I was beginning to fidget to try and get comfortable, and our entry was another of our abstracts,‘Battling it out’ by Daisy Kane and although it won our abstract competition, it was not in favour tonight and got 15 points.

On to Round 4 (only a little bit longer until I could get up and feel comfortable) and our entry was ‘Beetle in Bindweed’ from someone called Derek Grieve and the judge liked it thank goodness and gave it 19 points, and we began to climb up the leader board.

The interval had the usual Tea and Coffee, but with a really great selection of cakes to choose from. I of course chose a small piece of chocolate cake to suit my girth.

The raffle then took place (which sensibly had been pre-drawn) and I had purchased three strips of tickets, one for Janet for driving us, and one each for me and Di. Di had a winning ticket which won her the heaviest plant container with some plants in it, set to grace her front porch.

Forward again to Round 5 and another of my prints ‘Sedge Warbler singing’ which got 18 marks.

Round 6 and another abstract from Liz Barber ‘Pirouette’ which the judge liked and gave it 17 points.

Round 7 and the seat started its evil ways in spite of my folding my anorak up to sit on. Our entry this time was ‘Contours’ (yet anther abstract) by Sarah Beard which got 18 points, great!

Finally Round 8 (thank God I will soon be able to stand again), and our final entry was ‘Our Friends in Nepal’ by Janet Brown sitting beside me and praying hard, another 19 points and there we were third overall with 141 points. Brilliant.

The usual big boys, our friends from Steyning were First with 146 points; well done to them, with Chichester second, (144 points), Both clubs have three to four times the number of members compared to little old SCC I would remind everyone.

It was a great evening enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Submitted by Derek Grieve on Sun, 19/11/2017 16:25