Regnum Print Competition

Bamburgh Castle Dawn by Martin Tomes

The Regnum Print competition is one of two conducted by the Regnum Crouch group between 6 camera clubs from Henfield, Littlehampton, Mid-Sussex, Southwick, Steyning and Storrington. In the print competition 8 prints from each club is presented and judged in a series of rounds. This year the judge was Paul Graber ARPS from Guildford.

In the first round the clubs were fairly close together with one outsider. After round 2 Storrington was in the lead with a 20/20 score from Martin Tomes Bamburgh Castle dawn which the judge thought had a wow factor. After round 3 with a 19 for Alex Swyer's  Dawn image, which the judge thought was a gentle photograph that was often not successful in competitions, we were still in the lead but it was only by 2 points. The lead remained at the interval after 4 rounds despite a 20 for Steyning. It was cut to 1 point after the 5th round with Henfield and Southwick both scoring 20. Southwick jumped ahead in round 6 as the judge's pet dislike influenced the score for one of our images. Southwick maintained their lead in both the next two rounds and Steyning received a 20. These subtle movements in individual scores then pushed us down to fourth place with just 5 marks separating the top four clubs.

Canarian Shadows, an architectural composition in blue, white and grey received the award for best print of the night.

The Regnum PDI competition is in March 2024.

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