Tool Box


      Menu Bar

      Tool  Option Bar           


Palette Well

Floating Palettes



Zoom Level    Status Bar (Size)


The Tool Box


Can be set up as a single column which means that it takes up less space.  It can be also be displayed as a double column or made to “Float”. It can also be closed. To see it again goto Window / Tools which is towards the bottom of the dropdown list, under options.  To re dock grab and drag to the LHS of the screen until a “Blue Line” appears which means it can now be released and it will stay in position.



The Menu Bar


Speaks for itself.


The Tool Option Bar


The option bar will change with the tool selected.


The Palette Well


An important area of the workspace and usually contains Layers, History, Actions, Histogram etc.


In a similar way to the tool bar each individual palette can be rearranged, hidden, and made to float.

For me the important palettes are

Histogram, Navigator, Layers, History, Channels


Adobe have already considered what different users would like in their palette well.  These can be found in Window.  The palette well can be expanded by dragging out the side.  Each palette can be repositioned and grouped in different palette types.  Again move until a blue line indicates it will be docked in that position.




Menus can be colour coded for ease of identification.  This can be found either by Window / Workspace / Keyboard shortcuts & Menus  or  Edit / Menus.


The Real Estate


Open up a number of files from Bridge.


Different image files can be displayed in a number of different ways.  Most, keep to a traditional tabbed system which keeps the files in the order they are opened with tabs identifying the file, at the top of the workspace.  Other arrangements are available, Window / Arrange, where there are a number of different options available.




Set in edit / preferences / guides




Top Panel ( Identity plate and module picker)

The Work Area, The Left and Right Panel groups

The Toolbar, which varies from module to module

The Filmstrip


Identity Plate

Panel End mark (right click under panel)

Solo Mode for each tool

Change the order of the tools (Right click top bar and select customising Develop panel. Drag and drop the tools


Like Photoshop Lightroom can be customised.


L scrolls through light settings.


Right hand panel can be expanded to allow finer adjustment of parameters.


Right click workspace / View Options / Show Info Overlay. In grid view – Expanded Cells.

This will be very personal, personally I like to know the file name, date taken, size.


Submitted by Liz Barber on Thu, 12/03/2020 16:30