Select image, View / New Guide Layout.  There are a number of different parameters that can be adjusted, but if we just set columns to 3 and gutter to 0.  Press OK



Using the rectangular marquee drag out a shape to the first guide.  This can be made easier if snap is checked.  View / Snap To / ……



Copy / New / OK (clipboard is the same size as that which is copied)

Cntrl C / Cntrl N


Paste the file into the new document.

Cntrl P


Repeat for the other two sections.



The result is three image files that are equally sized from the original file. 



The canvas size can then be increased to allow a wrap around for the canvas to be mounted.

Image / Canvas Size /






The Placeholder



Create a new Document A4 or your desired size, add a new layer.

Shift + Cntrl N


Rename the new layer by double clicking on the layer 1 box and call it “placeholder left”.



From the tool bar select the rectangular marquee.  On the upper options bar select “Fixed Ratio”, 4 x 6. Drag out a rectangle and then go to Edit / Fill / 50% Grey. Deselect.



Cntrl D


At the bottom of the layers palette click on Fx,  then stroke, position to the inside. This gives the stroke nice crisp corners. 



Copy the layer by clicking and dragging down to the new layer icon and rename Placeholder Middle

Shift + Alt


Repeat and rename Placeholder Right

Shift + Alt


Select all three layers by clicking on the placeholder left layer holding down shift and clicking on the placeholder right. On the top options bar select distribute Horizontal Centers and also Distribute Horizontally



Open up the first image file, copy it into this “Untitled – 1 File”. Position the image layer above the chosen placeholder layer, go to Layer / Create Clipping Mask.  Resize the image by going to Edit / Free Transform and position as desired.

Alt Click between layers.

Cntrl T


Repeat for other images



The last step is to convert the image layers into smart layers.  Right click the image layer and select Convert to Smart Object.  This can also be done by going to Layer / Smart Objects / to…



By doing this it makes changing the contents easy, by right clicking the image layer and selecting “Replace Contents”


Submitted by Liz Barber on Thu, 12/12/2019 09:45