Tips on Searching Lightroom

Tips on Searching Lightroom

Lightroom can search on a number of things, including Folder name, keywords, date taken, ratings, flags, colour labels, metadata.


Keywords can be added at Import, or in the Library module at any time. The Paint spraycan on the bottom toolbar is a useful tool for adding keywords to certain images only. Don’t forget to drop it back though.


Searching for folder name can be done in the Folders or Collections area by using the Filter Folders or Filter Collections search boxes. Useful if you just want to review photos of e.g. Arundel, and you name your folders with the location at some stage in your workflow.

You may use Collections for geographical locations, and can search similarly.


The Library filter is probably more useful for searching. If this isn’t visible, press \ to bring it back (it is only visible in Grid view).


Start by clicking on All Photographs just under where it says Catalog on the left, or at the bottom under the Export button. This selects all the photographs you’ve ever imported into LR.



Any searchable field” will pick up file and folder names as well as keywords.

I prefer using “keywords”, and typing the word into the search box.



Here you can search out your starred or flagged images.
Colour labels can be assigned a task, eg to be edited. Labels and stars are easily added with 1-9, 0 for no star.



Here’s where the fun really starts.

The defaults are Date, Camera, Lens and Label, but you can change as required.

If you only want landscape images for a calendar, try Aspect Ratio.

Lens can be useful if you’re going somewhere again, and want to see which lens you used the first time, and if it was useful. If all the shots are at one end of the zoom or the other, perhaps you need a longer or shorter lens.

ISO has been useful to me when batch editing images at a mtb race: select all the ones with high ISO, and apply noise correction to one, then sync to them all.


Right click (PC) or Control Click (Mac) on the image thumbnail to use further options such as Go to Folder in Library.

Submitted by Janet Brown on Fri, 01/11/2019 10:26