The Last One, Before The Big Bang!

Meeting Report

4th PI Competition

I Ain't Got No Job Satisfaction (best of the evening)

This was the last Competition before our best of the year.

There were a total of 51 images submitted for the evening’s competition.

The judge for the evening was Ken Woods. We started off with our usual run through of all the images, and then the judging began. 

Ken seemed to take to our club quite openly as the friendly group that we are. His scoring was fairly even thought the evening with no image getting below a mark of 15.  He had useful comments to make about the images that he saw, like he would have cropped this picture here or toned that area down, cloned out that piece of grass etc., he kept his mind open to what the picture was try to get across and marked it accordingly.

Getting to know your camera

Meeting Report

One of our members with cameraOur table top photography evening was our second practical evening of the season. There were several table tops set up with different lighting. Liz brought along some stressed plastic and polarising filters to bring out the coloured patterns in the plastic.

On one table we used continuous lights, which consisted of two angle poise lamps with daylight energy saving bulbs (with a diffuser in front of the lamp) and a slide light box (which makes a very good large light source).

Shackleton's amazing Antarctic expedition

Meeting Report

Mark CottleOn Saturday April 13th, SCC hosted a presentation given by Mark Cottle MA who travelled up from Devon to give us an illustrated talk on 'Shackleton's Endurance Expedition captured on Camera', held at the Ashington Community Centre.,

Sadly our Chairlady Anne Nagle was struck down with a nasty complaint which made it impossible for her to be present, and so our Vice Chairman Paul Hayward stepped in to introduce and MC the evening making a fine job of it.

Mark grabbed everyone's attention from the start being a very polished speaker who knew his subject matter backwards.

This was the story of Ernest Shackleton's third Expedition to Antarctica which started in 1914 (you will recall that this was the year that WW1 kicked off) and finally finished in 1916, after some amazing feats of human endurance and courage.

Mark started by setting the scene reminding us of all the previous Polar attempts to explore the last unknown continent, Antarctica, starting in 1903 and including Captain Scotts disastrous expedition in 1912.

Rosie Armes photographic Diva!

Meeting Report

This evening we had the very welcome return of Rosie Armes who has previously given us both an evening show and has judged a competition.  Rosie has more distinctions than you can shake a stick at, but to me the most relevant are her FRPS and her MPAGB, of which there are only 115 in existence!!  She is a member of the advanced photographers of Chichester CC, which is where we first met her.

The first half of the evening was a travelogue of a trip she took with her husband and others to Yellowstone Park USA in the winter. This was a deliberate choice (most people visit in the fall for the colours) in order to get the pictures that she wanted. Rosie told us later that she always pre-plans the pictures before her trips. She has an opening, a middle and the end, just as you would compiling a book, which is something else she does!

There was very deep snow everywhere and so her party had to be very well protected with the right clothing and they hired the right transport to get them around - a tracked snowmobile.  You have to keep to the roads and tracks in Yellowstone, and these are largely kept free of snow.

Disaster, but it is only a game.

Meeting Report

Chichester CC hosted the 2013 Regnum Crouch PDI Shield at the Assembly rooms in Chichester. The event was organised very well by Mike Davison (trained by SCC!). The Judge for the competition was Tony Riley from Dorking, a well respected Digital expert who has given a talk at SCC and judged a competition, which I remember well as he gave me a 20!!

Eleven local clubs entered with Steyning and Chichester tying in First place to win the competition. You may recall that the day before, (slightly more than 24 hours!), at the Sussex Fed Print competition, Steyning came last!; which gently brings me to the very bad news that we came last this evening. Sadly it is the worst result the club has ever had that I can remember.

Same again.

Meeting Report

A small, but dedicated, band of seven members of SCC attended the Sussex Fed. Print competition at Wivelsfield village hall to find the place heaving with folk. I believe seats were eventually found for everyone; but the Sussex Fed. gentleman standing in for Chairman Ken Scott said immediately that they would have to find a bigger suitable venue next time as we have clearly outgrown this one.

The event was hosted very well by Horsham Photographic Society and our prints were judged by our very long standing friend Walter Benzie ARPS.

The very first print up was Martin Tomes 'Misty duck pond' which Walter liked very much indeed and gave it 17 points, and at the end of the round we were 7th equal.

Our round two entry was Ian MacWhirter's 'Kittywake in flight' which was again much admired and given 17 points, and put us in 5th place.

Next up was Jean MacWhirter's 'Great Spotted Woodpecker chick' which was again very highly praised and given 18. This gave us 6th equal place at tea break.

Derek Grieve wins

Our very own Derek Grieve won the 2012 Wey and Arun photo competition. 

The 2013 competition has been announced, if you would like to enter, and see if you can beat Derek, take a look at the information on the Wey and Arun canal website.

Inspiration from the Garden Shed

Meeting Report

Ian McGowan FRPSFirst I should explain the title. Ian McGowan FRPS produces his photographic output in what mustbe a fairly large garden shed, so everything which he showed us literally came from the garden shed.

This is the second inspiration presentation we seen this year, the first being Ken Scott before Christmas.

Ian is a late convert to the digital camera. Ian took the decision that he wasn't going to use a computer and that he wasn't going to buy a DSLR. After taking advice he purchased a Panasonic LX3 (which he still uses) and hasn't looked back. His 'workflow' is admirably simple, get the image right in the camera, put the memory card into a printer, press two buttons, mount print. It would take several lengthy articles to explain my workflow!

Knocked Out

Meeting Report

Tawny Owl (winner)We hadn't done anything like this for a long time, we had a knockout competition judged by the members. The rules were so simple as to be almost non-existent, each member could enter up to three prints of any age, but they had to be mounted on a 500x400mm mount. Two prints were shown at a time and the members voted on which one they thought was best.

Members inspecting the imagesThe evening was expertly organised by John Gauvin who cooked up a scheme which could cope with any number of entries. Alex and Liz also worked hard marshalling the photographs and counting the votes. At the quarter final stage his method became a bit more complex as each print had to be voted out at least twice before it was discarded.

The winner was "Tawny Owl" by Derek Grieve (shown above).

We all had a very enjoyable evening with some amusing combinations of images adding to the fun. It was noted that the wildlife enthusiasts tended to vote as a block and that nudes attracted a stong vote from the male voters.

Hats off to John G. for organising a very successful competition.

Always A Challenge

Meeting Report

Coffee Break - Janet BrownSet Subjects, always a tricky one! You either love them or hate them but they do challange!

It all comes down to how you interpert the title give, then you have to hope that the judge interprets the set subject in the same that you have. The judge, Don Mitchell ARPS, took the theme as subjects on the street not shots from the street, he liked clean unclutted balanced pictures, which can be hard to find, Janet Brown's coffee break ticked all of the boxes and scored twenty and best of the night. I for one enjoy the challenge of set subjects as it makes you think out of the box and sometimes pushes you out of your normal photography comfort zone! (one way to get your photography skills better). We had 63 images put in for this competetion.


  • The Thames at Twilight - Liz Barber
  • A vehicle for political opinions - Chris West
  • Coffee break (Best Entry) - Janet Brown
  • Bikes and legs - Derek Grieve
  • Strutting his Stuff - Ruth Calvert-Smith

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