The Last meeting of 2012

Meeting Report

Chairman Anne arrived armed with at least three large bags of goodies and Audrey was already there setting out her wonderful mince pies.

Soon, Liz arrived to prepare and start heating the punch and we then set out the room with several tables with four chairs each. These had a coloured sticker on it and as the members arrived, Jean,recruited for the purpose, dished out at random coloured stickers for each member to display on their chests.

Thus, several teams of four all sat at separate tables for the quiz questions, composed by Anne and assisted by the charismatic Alex.

As things got underway, we collected our cups of the very nice punch to give us the festive spirit and sat down for two rounds of quiz questions before the break.

There were plenty of good nibbles and other delights to continue the Christmas flavour with crisps, cheese twists, chocolate biscuits and the like, to name but a few. But the main attraction at this point were Audrey's 'exceedingly good' mince pies which we all enjoyed no end, always the highlight of the evening.

Then we resumed our quiz with two further rounds, before the winning clever devil people on the winning table: Daisy, Chris and Diana and Colin Newnes who were rewarded with a box of chocolates, which were passed round for all to enjoy.

New Projector No Excuses!

Meeting Report

2nd PI Competition

Our second PI competetion started with our new club projector, so once set up and tested showing good results we could look forward to a good evening of images with out any hiccups.

Our Judge for the night was Bob Webzell ARPS, We had another good turn out for this competition with 63 images to see.

Bob gave more even scores through out the nights procedings with 16 and 17 being the average score of the night. not as many low scores were given but fewer top marks were also given compared to the first PI competition.

This shows that we have a good photography base within our club, but there is always room for improvement, that is why we enter the competitions is to get feedback so we can become better image takers is it not? The road to improvement is through other peoples comments. Or so I tell myself when I am sitting there not agreeing with the judges comments on a image we are all looking at.

Nine eighteens awarded:

We finally Get There!

Meeting Report

1st PI Competition

Well, This report is very late due to some slight hiccups at the start of the year.

Our First PI competition was for any subject matter, it was judged by Trevor Gellard FRPS. We had a goood turn out for this competion, 68 images were submitted. Upon setting up the projector we relised that the colour was wrong, Martin Tomes recalibrated the projector to no avail, there was a pink colour cast around the edge of the frame.  After realising that there was nothing that could be done for that evening we had to inform the judge and press on with the procedings.

Trevor marked quite a lot of images down for not being sharp. There was some concern that the as the projector was faulty it might be a little soft, but as many of the images were pin-sharp that couldn't be true. One of my images was marked down as it was not sharp enough where it should have been sharp. Some pictures can look sharp at home on your PC screen but when blown up on to a big projected screen the results can look rather different to your expectations. A way around this is to check your image at 100% to see if it is sharp enough to be reproduced on to a big screen.

Storrington In The Middle!

Meeting Report

On Tuesday evening we participated with Worthing (hosts) and Steyning in the Mix & Match Competition.

I am pleased to say we were well supported by club members and it was a very enjoyable evening. Luckily people were not put off by the freezing weather conditions. John kindly was the projectionist. We had a good set of images and Daisy and Paul did an excellent job of choosing the images for each round, needless to say it gets harder in the second part to match the leading photo but the lateral thinking of the teams was pretty inventive! I did not think the judge, Andrew Perry, was always totally fair, he seemed to be easily swayed by a Steyning  lady! He certainly entered into the spirit of the evening but also kept things under control. Which reminds me he is due to judge us in February.

We were beaten by Steyning in a close run Competition. Worthing did a great job hosting this event  and in the interval we had delicious mince pies and squirty cream. I think only one of us got a Raffle Prize!


Meeting Report

1,500 and Counting

I normally write my reports in bed the morning following, with a mug of tea. However, on this occasion, my head was buzzing with stuff , so I have started writing this report in bed 'on the night'.

SCC was electrified this evening by Ken Scott's latest talk entitled 'Besides and Beyond'. Nobody could have failed to be inspired and motivated by Ken's pictures and enthusiastic words.

I have had the pleasure of hearing at least six of Ken's talks over the years and have always been very impressed with his passion for his photography, and indeed of his life generally.

Ken started his talk by pointing out that musicians, athletes and actors all practice every day to hone their skills; so why not photographers? His talk this evening was about his 365 project which started in 2008 following a bad experience up a mountain, which resulted in the curtailment of his other great passion, climbing, (with his camera of course). The first of Ken's shows that I saw was of his magnificent mountain landscapes, which was also largely the subject of his book, 'Photographing Changing Light', which I of course have a copy of on my shelves.

DamselFlies High

Meeting Report

The second print competition of the season saw Malcolm Bull adjudicate our images. Malcolm originates from Essex, but now resides in Shoreham and is a member of Steyning Camera Club, you can view Malcom's work on Flickr.

Malcolm is new to the judging circuit, having completed a judging course last year in the hope that understanding judging he would have a better idea of what judges are looking for in regards to his own images.

Malcolm started slowly; slightly nervous but understandable considering the minimal experience he has of judging and the rivalry between Steyning and Storrington. However, he was soon into his stride, providing critique on his likes and dislikes of elements within images only lapsing into the habit that many judges have, of describing images when they are stuck for words. Overall, Malcolm made good judgement calls and ended with a fair result.

A total of 62 images were submitted with the scores broken down as follows:

Theatre Photography Evening

Meeting Report

Our detectiveWe are lucky to have Mike Eddows who is a proffessional theatre photographer as a member of our club. Mike offered to do an evening of hands on theatre photography for the club. We set out to create an image for a show poster and a couple of images for publicity.

Tamplin Stage Lighting very kindly lent us lights so we were able to create theatre lighting conditions.

The show we were covering was a whodunnit, Peter Michell made the mistake of arriving without a camera so he became our detective and the subject of our poster shot. Seventeen members queued up, cameras in hand and had a go. It is quite difficult to do, although the lights looked very bright to us in fact they aren't so it needed a high ISO, wide aperture and a steady hand to get a good image.

For the second half of the evening Mike set up a scene where his partner Louise played out being poisoned, she did a very good job of repeatedly dying while we all tried to get great shots.

Many thanks to all who put in a lot of effort to make the eveing a success, especially Mike and Louise who put together a great evening for us.

Probably a fair result!

Meeting Report

Regnum Print

The Regnum Print competition was held at the Southwick Community Centre and was hosted by Southwick CC. The Judge was Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB who comes from Kent, near Maidstone and who cut a dash dressed as a white version of Nehru (a famous Indian Prime Minister, for the young). The hall was very well filled and they had to get out extra chairs for folk.

In Round One, our first print was Di Walker's 'Tyne Bridges' (which on the score sheet was TYNE GRIDGE!) This scored a well deserved 19 points.

Next up in Round Two was John Gauvin's 'Geranium' which was praised and was then given 16!

In Round Three, Ian MacWhirter's 'Polar Bear in a hurry' (POLOR on the score sheet) was given 18, and at the tea break we were lying 5th with 53 points, against the leading club with 57.

Storrington done well

Meeting Report

Six stalwart members of our club attended the Wivelsfield Green Village Hall to cheer our club on in the Sussex Federation's Digital Image competition this Sunday afternoon.

The Judge was Jack Bates FRPS MPAGB who comes from South London and was well known to the Sx. Fed. Chairman Ken Scott, who of course is a good friend of SCC. Ken Scott explained that a key member of the Sx. Fed. committee had resigned at the exact point that the details of this competition were due to be sent out, which resulted in every one, including the judge of course, having to move very quickly to get everything in place in time. We had selected six images because we had not got the paperwork in time for our selection meeting and did not know how many entries were required. So, a member of East Grinstead CC (who were organising the event) rang John Gauvin in a panic to find out which of our PIs to remove. Luckily for us, John removed the correct image as the other one was a natural history picture which the judge was not favouring, as it turned out!

In Round One our first image_Ian MacWhirter's 'Glaucious Gull with Guillemot prey' was awarded 16 points and there were also 2x19s and 2x18s in this round, and we were 11th out of 22 clubs taking part.

Martin's Magic.

Meeting Report

Tonight, Martin Tomes, our resident 'Techno" gave us a very interesting and informative talk on HDR images and Panoramas.

We were very honoured with the presence of two old friends of the club, firstly Cliff Carter from Steyning CC, (himself a great expert on panoramas, Photoshop and Mac computers) and secondly by Susan Worsfold, who when she joined SCC some years ago was by far our youngest member, she has now moved away to Southwater. We also had another visitor, David, who had seen an item on our club somewhere in a publication which mentioned tonight's talk, thus proving that the work of our new publicity lady Glen Donnelly is bearing fruit.

SCC MembersMartin kicked off the evening by giving us a quick run down on some technical data about the various abilities of our eyes and film and digital cameras to cope with dynamic range. Luckily for me Martin always edits my reports before they are published so he can correct anything that I have got wrong, me being a dedicated non technical old fart with alzheimers fast setting in!!

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