A true Master of photography using FILM.

Meeting Report

Michael Hewett assisted by his Wife Jean gave us a really special evening. Michael is a real Dinosour with modern technology, and proud of it!  He cannot switch on a mobile phone let alone a computer and has no desire to ever do so. Jean takes care of all these things and even drives his car for him, because she enjoys it; and she assists him in his presentations.

Michael has been taking pictures of the Monaco Grand Prix for over 50 years using film cameras (Pentax Spotmatic and later a Bronica ETRS amongst others), without a tripod,and with 100 ASA film to give the best quality results, all this taking shots of cars moving in excess of 100mph. Most of the members of SCC in the audience have probably only ever used digital cameras, so they really could not fully appreciate the huge skill that Michael used to get his amazing photographs.

He has also written and produced two books of his photographs of the Grand Prix, with Monaco Royalty contributing. The first of these books cost £40 and are now collectors items and change hands at eye-watering prices, and someone called Tom Hanks is after one!

First Competition Of the Year

Meeting Report

This was our first competition of the season.

We had 69 entries submmited, so I was looking forward to a good evening of judging. Our judge of the evening was Rob de Ruiter LRPS.

Rob had brought in some prints from his portfolio for us to see before he judged our work, this is always good and I would like to see more judges do this as it is always good and interesting to see their work and to compare your own on level and style. Rob had a good collection of work of plant life, and graffiti from Chichester, all of a high level. The judging of the night was of a high standard with rob explaining, in depth,  what worked with in the image what could in his opnion make the image stronger. He did start the evening by saying that black and white photos were not his favorite, however this was a medium that scored well during the evening

There were eleven 18s, Six 19s & Five 20s awarded.

A well done to Ray Foxlee topping the evening with a combined score of 56 out of a possible 60, two of his images being black & white.

The best projected image of the evening was awarded to Daisy Kane for 'Aah! Bliss!'.

A great night for SCC

Meeting Report

PresentationThe night was wet and windy outside, but there was rejoicing inside!

A goodly band of eight SCC members came to the Steyning Centre for the Regnum Print competition. It is a great pity that more members do not attend County Competitions, because those of us who do attend see some really good pictures and this gives us new inspirations for our own work.

Steyning CC did a really good job of setting up and running the evening with display boards down all one side of the hall with room to move past!  All the rounds were labelled and remained on show until just before kick-off and were retuned at the start of the tea break; and removed and replaced again for the second half. So there was plenty of opportunity to have a close look at all the prints.

Travel Tales Iceland

Meeting Report

A warm welcome to a new season, good to see some new faces amongst us.

This meeting was presented by Derek but we were treated to photos by Derek Grieve and Di Walker on a trip around Iceland where they had enjoyed a ten day Photography Course (according to Di) and a Photographic Holiday in Derek’s opinion!  They went with Colin Westgate FRPS of Quest Holidays and with some interesting characters making up the select group, including a Judge and a Russian Lady.

The group leader knows Iceland well and so took them on a route with plenty of photographic interest, allowing them to miss out the more barren areas of the country. Peter Picthall was somewhat surprised that Reykjavik hadn’t been on the itinerary but I suppose in 10 days you can only cover so much and they only occasionally spent more than one day in one place.

Amazing photographic equipment

Meeting Report

We were treated to a fascinating evening when Paul Berkleley (and his wife) came to tell us about the Triggersmart System.

Paul is a self employed Engineer and Designer who lived on the I.O.Wight and where he and his wife started a camera club, as they are both keen photographers. He saw an opportunity to invent and develop a system to take photographs of high speed events, such as a pellet shattering a glass, for instance, or a bolt of lightening. He decided that the system should be simple, versatile and affordable, and since he perfected it,  it has been used by many people and organisations world wide.

The basis of the system consists of two boxes about the size of a cigarette packet, with wires to connect it to  a control box, about the size of a small brick. and another cable to connect to the remote release socket of the camera. One box sends out an infra-red beam which is received by the other box, and if the beam is broken by something physical like a pellet, or an animal,  it sends a signal to the control box which in turn sends a signal to the camera to take a shot, all done in milli-seconds of course. In addition there is a sound sensor in one of the boxes and a light sensor in the the other allowing triggering on a sound (like a pellet gun being fired) or a flash of light (e.g., lightening).

A very enjoyable afternoon.

Meeting Report

Brighton PierThe day dawned looking slightly unreliable but improved rapidly.

I was taken to Brighton with Martin Tomes and rapidly transported by Di Walker. We needed lunch to support us for the afternoon and I suggested Shoreham Airport's cafe. This proved to be a very good choice and we had a very reasonably priced and tasty snack lunch each. I would recommend this venue to anyone.

Parking in Brighton costs an arm and a leg and still places are not easily found. We eventually parked the car and arrived at the meeting place, the entrance to the pier, about 15 minutes late, to find a small group of familiar faces waiting for us. Others had already arrived and headed off into the city! In all, a total of eight good and true ladies and gentlemen of the club attended. John Goodfellow headed for the wheel, which he had not seen before, and the rest of us headed down the pier.

We found a great selection of colourful subjects there, both human and material, and I was told later that two coach loads of folk from Leicester were 'in town' having a great day out, along with us. I have been photographing on the pier several times over the years and have always found lots to photograph.

A day on the wild side!

Meeting Report

Ten club members plus two friends of members visited the British Wildlife Centre at Lingfield.

We assembled at 9.30 and had a welcome 'cuppa'. Then the keeper who was going to take us into the various enclosures introduced herself and off we set.

We went into the Red Squirrel enclosure first and they were totally unafraid of us climbing all over a few of us immediately; totally amazing to me as I have photographed them in the wild in Scotland where they are very wary of mankind. To get the various species to come quite close to us throughout the day the keeper came into the enclosures armed with food for each species which they come to expect at set times during the day.

After the squirrels we went into the red fox pen where we were very close to a dog fox and a vixen. On our last visit we were treated to a couple of cubs, but on this visit, we had to do without. They had some in another enclosure but Mum is not ready for them to meet the public yet.

We had a good season

Meeting Report

AGM & Auction

Anne Nagle started the evening with her report on our year's events and highlights and we all agreed with her that it had been a very good and interesting season.

We then had a report on our financial position from our outgoing treasurer Jane Coward, who is retiring after 7 years of hard toil at the job.  Everything is looking good.  Our income and expenditure roughly balanced, which is good, but does not give us money to save for any unexpected capital costs, such as the replacement of the projector which happened this season.  We have some savings;  but the committee voted to raise the subscription next season to £40 as it had not been raised for at least 7 years  Anne asked the club whether they thought that this was a good idea and after some discussion we voted to increase the sub. On the subject of the new projector, John Gauvin sold the old one on e-bay, so it did not cost us too deadly a sum.

Jane was presented with a bottle and a parcel by Anne which looked decidedly like a book on how to take better pictures! as a 'thank you' from the club for her works.

What An End To The Season!

Meeting Report

Summer by Alex SwyerWell that was it, the end of another season, and what a season it has been. We have had new faces, new judges, new evening activities and some cracking images to look at. All in all I think it has been a very productive season and I look forward to the next one.

The evening was for the members to submit their two best projected and printed images for a different judge to asses and to hope to win the best print of the year cup.

The nights judge was Glyn Edmunds ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b.

The evening was split into two halves with prints and then PIs being judged.  We started off with the print section in which we had thirty to view, which is less than normal, but this was fine as Glyn had the prints from the Southampton Salon in his car for as to look at if there was time at the end of the judging.

Glyn gave fair judgement and scores to the prints, and, as they had been previously entered into other competetions it is always interesting to see what a diffrent judge has to say about the image good or bad!

None were scored under fifteen with, seven 17s, five 18s, four 19s and only two 20s given with Anne Nagle getting best print of the year for her White Ruffed Lemur. 

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