Faces and stories

Meeting Report

An amateur photographer from Portsmouth, Barry Day started out working in colour slides, becoming an ARPS in 1987. Establishing a darkroom over 15 years ago, he began making monochrome prints for club competitions and exhibitions, gaining a Credit distinction with the PAGB in 2001. At this time he switched to digital monochrome, and adding colour in 2009. His main interest is “Faces and Places”. We were privileged to see many of those faces, he knew the name of every one of them, and each image came with a story.

The first part of the evening covered how to find a model. We started with his fellow magistrates, and progressed to the daughter of one of them. At 18, she was just about to go off to university, and her parents wanted a more formal portrait of her. We then heard the stories of several other young adult women, from daughters of friends, to the daughter of a photoshoot organiser, who Barry preferred to the models.

We then looked at a monochrome image of Barry's granddaughter dressed as Alice, looking at a doorway into a large tree-trunk, with her dress colour-popped. When she saw the final print she was mystified as to where the door had come from! (Old Portsmouth).

Winners of the Regnum Print Competition

Meeting Report

There's a breathless hush in the close tonight,

Ten to make and the match to win ....

So it was at Midhurst on Wednesday when Storrington did battle with 9 other Sussex Clubs for the prestigious Regnum Print Shield. Midhurst were the hosts and had their priorities right, the home made cakes were excellent, the technology less so. 

Our friend David Eastley LRPS was the judge so we were in safe hands. Things started well with a perfect 20 for Paul's Horse Love-in picture followed by another for Liz's Rudbeckia. Wow - we were in a clear lead after 2 rounds. But then a downer - David didn't like Daisy's Vietnam beach picture - all of the selection committee had loved it - and it was just a 12. We needed those cakes at half-time after that.

David was obviously fortified by his lemon drizzle cake and came back with 20 for Ian's picture of a fox drinking from a birdbath. We were on a swiss-roll by then and Di was awarded 20 for her flower picture, Cosmos. 

Overlooking the landscape

Meeting Report

Broadway Tower by Martin TomesIt was very interesting to have a different viewpoint on our images from Lisa Beaney. She is a professional photographer who was invited to judge for us after a chance meeting with Martin Tomes in a Steyning pub! She specialises in wedding, portraiture, commercial and boudoir photography. All in all though, it was an evening of post-processing, whether it was something that added to the image, or was lacking!

We had a wide spread of marks from 13 to 19, with no-one getting an elusive 20. Her style of judging was different, but very helpful to me, as she gave the mark first after a few moments quiet deliberation, followed by her comments. This meant that I didn't have to scribble so much on each image, so a big “thank-you” to Lisa from me!

She held 12 images back, with these scoring 17 to 19 points, with two others also scoring 17, so I will work around these images for this report, starting with those two 17s.

Beautifully Captured

Meeting Report

Dewy Dandilion by Derek GrievePaul O'Toole joined us on 16th October for our first print competition of the year. Coming from Worthing Camera Club, he described himself as one of the “baby judges” who have graduated from the Ken Scott judging academy. He asked us to expect a wider range of marks (14-20 in practice), where the message counts for 50-60%, the content 30-35% and technical aspects just 15%. When asked how important the title was, he admitted that it should be secondary to the image, but could be useful. Here are some of his comments.

Ray Foxlee managed a hat-trick of 18s over the evening. Up first was 'Amazing Space', an interior image of Lancing College Chapel. Paul commented that this type of shot is technically very difficult to do, and said this was beautifully taken (Ray tells me that a tripod is essential, must remember mine for the photoshoot in five weeks). Next came 'Fading Light', which looked like (and was) Bosham, with a nice choice of foreground and people to give scale all in a sepia monochrome. Finally Ray gave us 'Table for two', with a softness giving a sense of elegance and lovely dappled light.

Three from Five

Meeting Report

Members' Evening

This evening, we had a new idea for a club evening from our Chairman Chris. We were asked to select five PIs that we would like some help with deciding whether they were good enough to enter a competition, because we all have difficulty making our selections, don’t we?

To begin the meeting however we had the Parish notices, with Janet telling us about two events which are coming up, the first being on October 11th when anyone interested will be going to Lewes to photograph ‘Morris Dancers’; but there is plenty more to photograph in the Town if that does not appeal. And then we hope to go to Lancing College on 20th of November to take pictures of their famous and very beautiful Chapel. More details about that nearer the time.

Inspirational photography

Meeting Report

'Two Fellows’, which originally referred to Betty Rackman, who had achieved her Fellowship, and Tony her Husband, a ‘fella’. But when Tony also achieved his Fellowship of course the name was even more relevant

Betty and Tony have been giving slide shows (and having exhibitions) for many years. This evenings show was one of many different ones that they give, this one though had been brought up to date with recent work.

The evening was not very well attended which was a great pity, as those who missed it could have learned some lessons about composition, as well as seeing a huge variety of amazing subjects, all photographed impeccably. What a team they make, both being passionate experts at photography and encouraging and criticizing each other’s work, and therefore producing the very best results.

In the first half, Tony gave the commentary whilst Betty manned the computer, adding a few comments where she felt appropriate.

We started by seeing some shots taken in their garden (near Romsey) of flowers and other wildlife. As Tony pointed out, their pictures were often taken to give a pleasing pictorial result, rather than setting out to take the normal wildlife protocol. We also saw some wonderful Infra-red shots of landscapes (shot on 35mm film) with some of the river Tess, which runs near their home.

Our new Chairman reveals all!

Meeting Report

Our first night of the new season was very well attended with over 30 bodies including four new faces who we hope will join us permanently. They will be most welcome.

Chris West, our new Chairman, confessed immediately that he had never been to a first night before as he had always been on holiday. So, not knowing really what had gone before he took matters into his own hands and told us all about himself and his family, finishing with his latest Photographic Experiences.

After telling us about his career and that he had previously been Chairman of the local Lions Club, Chris went on to take us through some of the highlights of the new season, which as programme secretary he had of course arranged. He also introduced the members of the committee. Worth mentioning here perhaps is that the two set subjects for this year are ''Black and White’ for prints and ‘Sussex’ for the PIs.

A bonding opportunity.

Meeting Report

WindmillTwo car loads of members visited Hayling Island today leaving at about 2.30pm with the weather looking slightly unreliable.

However when we reached our first stop by the bridge to the Island near Langstone Mill, the weather was set fair. The mill is nearly unique (when working, now a pivate residence) in that it was both a windmill and a watermill, but according to John Goodfellow there is another in Norfolk. Anyway, it made a good subject for some very nice landscape pictures.

Behind it was a waterway with a swan family and ducks 'a plenty’. They were being fed large amounts of bread by a young girl; but I read in some nature publication that it really does not do them much good, in fact the contrary, (probably gives them wind? which would assist take off if they thought about it). There were also Egrets, but they were a little too far away.

We stayed there for about an hour before moving over the bridge and taking a right turn to an area with a lagoon and more birds and boats and a fountain, but not a lot else.

By then we were ready for tea, so we drove onwards to the Southern coast where we found a tearoom with the necessary.

A fine afternoon

Meeting Report

Afternoon Tea

On Saturday August 2nd, we held our first summer event. For the last few years now we have had a Barbecue, usually held in the Chairman’s garden.

Our new Chairman Chris decided that for a change it might be nice to have a cream tea this year instead. 

And so the call went out to members asking those attending to bring sandwiches, cakes, scones, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and of course chairs.

At 3pm of the clock I found myself helping to unload tables and chairs and finding the West household in a mild panic, with a very laid back Carol saying to Chris “this is your event” and Chris saying “but you always arrange any events at home” and looking slightly lost.

Everything went very well indeed of course, as these events always do. The members attending brought food of every description in abundance.

The day had started in Pulborough with a shower and there was also a very slight one as I drove to Storrington just before kick off; but the sun shone and we enjoyed a very nice afternoon.

I was amused to see Chris charging towards the tea serving site with teapots of varying sizes starting with one which probably held about two cupfuls max. However, as the afternoon progressed, Chris appeared with larger and larger pots and there was an ample supply of tea as there was of everything else.

The last meeting, the AGM and Auction

Meeting Report

Ray and Anne

After a couple of statutory items, Anne Nagle gave a very comprehensive report of this seasons events and achievements, adding that she felt we were improving as a club with our results. She then mentioned especially how much hard work Glenn Donnelly had put in on our behalf as our first Publicity Manager, and how successful she had been at the job. Well done Glenn. She will be missed and we do need someone to carry on the good work. Anne herself will carry on in the meantime as she is to stay on our Committee.

We then had the Treasurer’s report which was all good news as we made a profit. Last year we had to buy a new projector which resulted in us making a loss. Our thanks go to Norman Kirby who kindly audited our accounts, who found Janet’s hard works all in order.

Then followed the Competition Secretaries reports which prompted some discussion about labelling and preparation of entries generally.

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