Excellent Critique by David Eastley LRPS

Meeting Report

Welcome once again to David Eastley – not to judge a competition but to give a critique of our efforts. No prints this time but all PDIs – and over 60 to view so a full evening.

David started by explaining his preference for not scoring pictures. For a competition he uses the short preview of PDIs or a “flick through” of prints to establish his frame of reference for the scores he will give. For a critique no such preview is necessary - David sees the images for the first time and at the same instant as the audience - and the audience seems to listen more closely to his comments rather than only hearing the score.

Of course there was our usual wide spread of subject matter and techniques – David reckoned few photographs would have been straight from the camera, not that there are any rights or wrongs implied with the amount (or lack) of processing involved.

First Competitions of 2016

Meeting Report

Wild Swan Anemone - Anne-NagleIt’s always a pleasure to welcome Bob Webzell to the club to run the rule over our images. His perceptive comments and sardonic humour always make for an enjoyable evening. Being the first competition of the season it was good to welcome new and returning members to the competition scene – well done to you for “diving into the deep end”.

Prints went first as usual with 28 entries of which 16 made 18 or above for a mention in dispatches – the opinions here are Bob’s as noted during the evening.

Stunning landscapes and Candids.

Meeting Report

Dudley Williams was our guest speaker this evening and there were three new faces as well, two of whom joined the club. Kevin Harwood who lives in Storrington and Pat Arculus who has rejoined us having been a member several years ago. Both of you are very welcome and we hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.

Dudley started by giving us a short history of his love of photography, at least I think that’s what happened as I was dispatched home to go and get my Mac laptop as initially our Windows laptop could not see Dudley’s pictures. However, having beaten the world land speed record for an automatic VW 1.2 Polo, and very nearly colliding with a deer, I returned to see one of Dudley’s lovely landscapes shining out on our screen!

So, still shaking, I sat down and enjoyed some breathtaking images.

Dudley loved handling his Father’s Nikormat camera as a child and this helped to inspire him. His Dad gave Dudley this camera not so long ago and he brought it along for us to see why he loved it. It was of course a film camera, but was very heavy and beautifully built.

A more inspiring experience was going on a photographic workshop in Scotland with a professional photographer Bruce Percy. Dudley not only fell for this man’s work but also for the Scottish landscape.

Kick off for the new season.

Meeting Report

The first meeting was well attended by members, but sadly only one potential new member arrived. We had hoped for at least three.

Paul Hayward, one of our three joint chairmen, took charge, greeting us all back and reporting on our new features. For instance John Gauvin’s tutorials on Lightroom, which will commence once he returns from Africa where he will be teaching Lightroom in the sun! Jane was thanked for organising our Coffee mornings which have proved to be popular and well attended. Those who have not been to one yet should try to go as soon as you can, as it is a great opportunity to get to know fellow members better.

Janet gave us an update on our monthly Flickr competitions which have a new subject every month. Paul awarded three certificates to the latest three winners, Daisy Kane and David Seddon who claimed two.

David then said a few words about the new programme for this season. He drew attention to some of the events and a couple of items were discussed.

We then carried on with some members showing us some of their images taken over the Summer. We had agreed at a Committee meeting held in my house one week earlier, that each presentation should be limited to 10 images only so we could get through them all.

The end of term!

Meeting Report

Our last meeting of the season was quite well attended, with most others not present for good reasons.

Chairman Chris opened proceedings by telling us the sad news that liz Barber fell whilst doing some winning shots in Scotland and has badly damaged her wrist. We all wish her a very speedy recovery

Then on with the proceedings. First apologies followed by approval of last year’s minutes.

Time now for Chris’s report. He said how much he had enjoyed being Chairman of our club and went on to tell us about the high points and the low.

We had some really good speakers especially Vanda Ralevska and he enjoyed the meeting when some club members showing their Nature Photographs. He was pleased that we had started the coffee mornings when members got to know each other a bit better.

Treatment works well

Meeting Report

Best of Year

I eat bees by Derek GrieveRob de Ruiter ARPS and his guest, Carolyn joined us for Best of Year.

Currently the President of Bognor Regis Camera Club, Rob brought along his successful ARPS panel, as I had suggested we see this after an evening at Bognor when these images absolutely captivated me. He described the process he had taken to achieve this distinction, and told a couple of stories around the 'photography'. If you missed it, or would like to see it again, the panel is available here.

Cambodian Monks by Daisy KaneOn to our prints, and I was nervous to see one of mine come up first, as I was worried it might not stand up after Rob's panel. I needn't have worried, as it was held...

Six 18s

The very next print, Jane Coward's 'A Brief Respite' started the ball rolling, with an unusual way of shooting a world war re-enactment portrait. This, coupled with a sepia tint and faded edges really gave this one the feel of an old photograph.

Favourite Places

Meeting Report

This evening was organised by Daisy Kane and she asked six more members to join her in showing the rest of the club where they would like to take the club to do some photography.

The evening started with Chris congratulating the club on its recent success in the County competitions.

As reported elsewhere, we were placed 3rd in the Sussex Fed print competition, however it transpires that the organisers got the result wrong on the day and on a recount Eastbourne turned out to be the winners making us fourth, still a brilliant result. It reinforces why I said in my report that the number of entries is far too high, making it a nightmare for all involved, including the clubs entering.

Then of course we won the Regnum PI competition. All of this is really the result of efforts from all the members entering the competitions who contribute to the competitive ethos driving us all to do better.

Then on with the main business of the evening.

Martin started by showing us pictures taken in Brighton which is a brilliant place to photograph with so many different subjects. Martin showed us lots of examples of buildings, people, graffiti and much more.

A Photo Finish

Meeting Report

Regnum Crouch

It was good to see such a gathering of Storrington members at the Barn Theatre in Southwick last night for the 2016 Regnum Crouch Projected Image competition. Before the main event started I’m sure we had already won the prize for the highest proportion of a club’s membership in attendance. It was especially good to see the MacWhirters whose house move has kept them from club evenings recently.

After the introductions, and the customary plea for clubs to attend the Regnum Crouch AGM, Alec Pelham introduced Wayne Grundy ARPS, the judge for the evening. This event is pre-judged so the scores and indeed, the results, are known beforehand although kept under the greatest secrecy. Wayne explained that this had given him the opportunity to take a particularly close look at the photographs from all eight clubs taking part and was so impressed by all the images that his marks were only in the range 17-20 – a close competition in prospect then.

The first image of the night was one of ours – Derek’s “Bee Eater tossing a Bee”. Kind words from the judge on all aspects of the picture – and we opened our account with a 20 and the customary round of applause.

An amazing result

Meeting Report

Eight members of SCC (25% of our members) attended the Sussex Federation print competition at Burgess Hill on Saturday afternoon and I suspect that most of us expected that we would end up being placed 10th or 12th as usual. However, we were in for a great surprise, as my e-mail to Chairman Chris on Sunday morning explained:

Dear Chris

I am extremely proud to be able to report to you our outstanding performance at Burgess Hill yesterday afternoon when our club was placed 3rd overall.

This was against 18 clubs many, if not most of them, with considerably larger memberships, and is far and away our best result ever in living memory.

In the Open comp we were placed 3rd with 411 points behind Seaford and Worthing who were joint 1st Equal with 414 points. (effectively we came second!?)

In the Development comp we came 5th equal with Chichester with 397 points, with the winners Bognor getting 414 points, another very good result for us.

For our little, but very nice, club to get results like these was absolutely BRILLIANT. We beat all the big boys like Chichester, Bognor, Steyning and Eastbourne, who all have 100 members against our modest 32, and this is in my view was an outstanding achievement, and it should give you a glow to be Chairman when we have done so well.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Meeting Report

Originally billed as a panel competition, this was changed to a stand alone PI competition due to a lack of interest in panels within the clubs members. Each person could enter 4 separate PIs for “Every Picture Tells a Story”, and the 3 year rule was waived, certainly allowing Ray to enter a 40 year old image.

When the idea of titles came up at committee level, 

at first it was suggested that these should be a maximum of three words only, then someone mooted no titles. I thought this was a great idea, allowing the picture to tell it's own story, and also because I am hopeless at coming up with snappy titles. As soon as the evening started I realised this was a bad idea! Instead of jotting down the title for each image, I was left with writing a description of the image before noting down the judge's comments. In hindsight, perhaps seeing a title after the judge had interpreted the image would have been more interesting? Anyway, I've made up these titles, so apologies if you don't recognise your images!

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