Fifth Sharow Photographic Competition in June 2010

The Sharow Photographic Competition is a competition for photographers of all levels of ability - excluding full-time professional photographers. Entries are welcome from beginners as well as experienced photographers, on digital camera or film.

This year's competition is in support of Martin House Hospice.

New for 2010:

  • Online Entry for the major categories - simple, quick and secure

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An Evening with Charlie Waite

Windlesham and Camberley Camera Club is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2010, and as part of this is hosting “An Evening with Charlie Waite” at High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley at 7:30pm on Saturday 6th March 2010.

Tickets are £10 each. Any Storrington Camera Club members who are interested in attending should get in touch with Martin Tomes.

Chichester Camera Club Advanced Workers Annual Exhibition

The Advanced members of Chichester Camera Club will be holding an exhibition of their work in the Village Hall, School Lane, North Mundham, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1LA on Saturday, 23rd January 2010 from 10am-5pm. Entry is only £1 and refreshments will be available. Members will be there to chat about their images, the Club and what it does.

Many of our members have visited this exhibition in previous years and found it to be excellent. Go along to look at some prints and projected images and chat over a cup of tea, you are in for a treat.

[Download the flyer]

Tim Hulbert gets us into festive mood

Meeting Report

Our last meeting of 2009 found us with Christmas Fare - nuts crisps mince pies and mulled wine brought by some members (who I will not name as I do not know who they were sadly; but thank you)

We started the evening with the presentation of a cup by Paul to Chairman Peter which he won at the recent Sussex Fed P I competition for the Best Image_his study of 'Katie'.  Peter could not come to the competition as he was away and this all came as a complete surprise to him. Very well done Peter.

Next we had a quiz in which we had to identify camera club members from images taken of just our eyes by Tim last week. This was won by Daisy and Di Walker who both recognised all the images. One or two male members only got 2 or 3 and one did not even recognise his own wife!!  You can deduce from this who is watching who!?

The main business of the evening was the Mix and Match competition. The photography club had been divided into two teams led by Daisy and Di. One team put up an image - out of 50 PIs which had been pre-selected by the teams - and then the opposing team had to match the PI with one from their own bank. Tim was the judge and had to say whether this PI was a match or not  and which was the best image out of the two and award marks accordingly. This led to much loud banter from all and sundry as to whether they agreed or not.

Newsletter December 2009

Amazing, she only enters one, a first time for a print, and scoops the top position with a delightful posterised picture of a frolicking horse – very well done Ruth.

We did well at the Regnum Print Competition

Meeting Report

Chichester triumphed yet again! But enough of them, what about the team that came second? You guessed, it was us!

A great effort against the giants of the competition, we were ahead at the half way stage, but were pipped at the post with their last print which scored a 20, giving them victory by 2 points.

Star of our show was Derek with his “Golden Eagle with Kill” that won great praise from the judge Liz Boud.  Honourable mentions went to Daisy for “Upper Cast Neighbourhood” and Ian with “Male Broad Bodied Chaser”.

Unfortunately John Gauvin’s “Snowdrop” got marked down because it was not given its correct name of Amarillidaceae “Galanthus”.  Don’t make that mistake again John!!!

Anyway coming second out of nine clubs was a tremendous performance, and should give us encouragement for the rest of the season. I know we have some great prints for next year’s competition, which of course we will be hosting.

The scores achieved by our prints were as follows:

Projected Image Competition - Any Subject

Meeting Report

Image from competitionJudge Ian Betts

Our second projected image competition had 54 entries submitted for analysis by our judge for the evening, Ian Betts. Ian, from Henfield Camera Club, judged our 3rd PI competition last season when he marked in the range 14 to 20. On that occasion he gave five images the lower end of the range of 14 points. This time only one image received that mark and it would be prudent not to mention who the photographer was.

Ian deliberates very carefully, taking his time over awarding marks and at one stage I considered whether to prompt him to speed up as time was beginning to run short, particularly as he had held back fourteen images. In the end I decided to allow him the benefit of using his time management skills to allow the later images the same critical eye as the earlier images.

Previous competition reports have bemoaned the narrow range that judges prefer to mark in and on this occasion it has resulted in some twenty-eight images receiving 18 or higher, more than 50% of the submissions for this competition alone. Compare that to last season when the total for the entire year was thirty images within that range.

Print Competition - Any Subject

Meeting Report

Judge Graham Smith ARPS

A big change from last months judge with 36% of the 58 entries achieving top marks (18-20). This was very much in line with Graham’s approach to judging, although his marks were down on last year. As usual the held backs were numerous which meant that John and I earned our money as competition secretaries.


The winner overall was Ruth Calvert – Smith. Ruth is a new member and this was her first and only entry this season called “Bliss”. More a work of art than a photograph, but very much admired by Graham. Well done Ruth, perhaps you could tell us how you achieved the effect.

Joint second went to Max Burns with “Tulip” a beautifully conceived picture, and Martin Tomes with “Tranquility” which Graham felt would be great to see on a dentist’s ceiling to take your mind off the pain.

Other 20s were Martin Tomes again with “Hollyhock”, two from Ian MacWhirter “Female Siskin” and “Paired Common Blue Damselflies”, Ann Nagle with “Fox in the Rough”.


Daisy Kane with “Langur Monkey Guarding Temple”, Ian MacWhirter with “Nestling Albatrosses” and Jane Coward with “Hug a Hound” and “The Swan Man of Bosham”.

Exhibition of Prints and Audio Visual Event

We are taking part in an exhibition which takes place at The Steyning Centre, Fletchers Croft, Steyning, BN44 3XZ on Sunday 10th January from 10:00am until 5:00pm (prints) and from 6:30pm (A/V) in the Coombe Court Hall.

This exhibition will show the very best of photography and digital imaging by members of five West Sussex Camera Clubs and the Adur Digital Imaging Group.

This event is sponsored by Park Cameras.

This is the flyer which can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the page.


We have done it again!

Meeting Report

The competition was held at Hailsham and six of our members attended. The judge was a very amusing gentleman by the name of Clive Tanner.

In Round One, Daisy Kane was only awarded 15 points for her beautiful picture of an Indian lady surrounded with her cooking pots, which must have disappointed her greatly (she was there). Paul and I both agreed that when projected here, it lacked the real colour saturation that it had when viewed elsewhere previously. This is one of the problems with P. I.s in my opinion. Slides were always the same.

However in Round Two our fortunes changed with one of Chairman Peter's renown naked lady pictures entitled 'Katie' which was awarded 20 points much to our great delight. Very well done Peter.The judge was very taken with both her and you!

Next up in Round Three, we had Paul Hayward's 'Mist Sunrise' with its fantastic recession of hills which was highhly praised and given 17 points. So, at tea time we were lying third and our spirits were high - mine especially as I won a bottle of whisky in the draw.

After the break we had Jean MacWhirter's 'Gentoo Penguin feeding Chicks' which was credited to Ian both here and in our newsletter. Sorry for someone's error Jean, but it made Ian smile with delight when it scored 19 points. This gave rise to rounds of applause and put us up to Second place.

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