Any Subject Competition

Meeting Report

Our first PI competition took place this week with 73 images submitted for scrutiny.  For some this was a new experience, for others old hat, but just as hard for old and new alike. A new judge was selected for this first competition of the season, John Staples ARPS. The evening started with a run through of all the submitted images as requested by the judge, so he could get a feel of the pictures. Personally I think this is a wrong way to judge, as a preformed opinion can be formed on certain images rather than marking them one at a time. That aside the judging started, with good scoring throughout the evening, which shows the high standard of pictures submitted.  Four 20s, two 19s, seven 18s and twenty nine 17s were awarded.

A few mentions go to:

Ian MacWhirter for his two 20s; "Glaucous Gull with Guillemot prey" and "Courting Polar Bears".

Di Walker for her 20, "Stillettos".

Anne Nagle who scored 20 for her image "Puma On The Rocks" which also recieved best image of the night.

Martin Tomes for his stunning "The Adur From The Sussex Yacht Club", scoring 19.

Alex Swyer for "Sand Patterns", scoring 19.

We look forward to the next competition on the 1st December, which is a set subject print competition.

Adding more ELEMENTS skills to your photography

Meeting Report

We welcomed back Leslie who has become an annual attraction in our calender of events. This evening was devoted to layers. Some people (including me) have some difficulty in understanding the concept of layers. If I had had Leslie explaining them to me before I would have picked it up much faster. Leslie teaches Photoshop Elements at Lodge Hill Computer Centre, Coldwaltham, Pulborough if anyone is interested in improving their skills.

Leslie started using 'blobs of colours' to illustrate the principles of layers, before moving on using photographs to illustrate how to combine different elements of two frames of a simple landscape image, one with a good sky and one with a good foreground. (If you shoot in RAW you can do the same thing from just one frame by 'bringing out' different elements of the same shot and combining them in the same way as Leslie showed us).

Leslie then showed us how to introduce other parts of completely different pictures i.e., birds.

We were shown how one can improve a portrait of, in this instance a lady, by sharpening the eyes and the mouth on a seperate layer and then blending these bits back into the original image.

A lot of very varied pictures

Meeting Report

This second evening of our new season has been set aside for members to give a slide show of their 'stuff'.

We had lovely flower images from Daisy; A taste of Morroco from Chris West; A trip to Germany from Peter Pictall; A holiday in Iceland from Peter Michell; A boat trip to the Northern lights from Audrey all before the break.

Afterwards, Chairperson Di chose her favorite print from those entered and Charmaine Hayes won the bottle of wine for her image of a surfer (her son?) taken by her whilst in the sea herself.

We then resumed our show with Di's picturers taken at a modern Bullfight in France where the bull is not harmed and the humans are much more likely to be damaged! Then I gave a show of some of the photography that I like to take; and finally we had a very professional presentation put together with music by Martin Tomes.

We really did see an amazing variety of images from all over the world and I am sure that all those present enjoyed what they saw.

A very good start

Meeting Report

Our first meeting of the season was very successful mainly because of the very encouraging number of new members who signed up to join us. Jane Coward nearly wore her pen out writing receipts. We have sadly lost two members to our friends at Steyning. Tim and Clive both felt that they would get more of what they want for their photography at Steyning which is a bigger club and offers more workshops and speakers. Both of them had committee jobs at Storrington and we are very grateful for all the work that they did for us.

Once the 'initial flurry' of 'signings up' had died down, Chairman Di Walker greeted everyone, especially all of the new members. She then went on to demonstrate simple mounting of a print to a 50cm x 40cm board, which is the size that all pictures which are entered into our print competitions this year must be. She also told us of attempts to negotiate a deal with SeaWhites of Partridge Green, who supply mount board, cut to size if requested. However we would not be able to order enough between us to qualify for a discount.

The weather keeps fine

Meeting Report


Saturday dawned quite brightly but by lunch time dark and threatening clouds were very much in evidence and the Chairman person was visibly twitching in case she had to dash out and bring all the seat cushions indoors.

Di Walker had generously allowed the club to hold our annual Barbeque at her home again (for which we all thank her) which is blessed with a very ample terrace and is just the right size for the event. Just over twenty members including wives attended. People were saying 'where is so and so' but at this time of year a lot of folk are on holiday or have family commitments, and this number was just comfortable.

Martin obtained the meat products from his special supplier and Di made an early morning trip to Waitrose to get the wine, soft drinks, nibbles, sauces and other necessary bits and pieces. Paul arrived with some tables chairs and cushions and a willing pair of hands to help 'set up'. Also Di's neighbours Bob and Judy arrived to help and lent us chairs and cushions.

Di Walker reports on a very successful season

Meeting Report

The evening started with the presentation of the cups for last year's competitions.

The Anonymous Cup for the photographer of the year went to Peter Michell who was not present to collect sadly.

The Dixon Cup for the print Worker of the year went to Daisy Kane

The Emmett Challenge Cup for the Print of the year went to Martin Tomes

The Taylor Cup for the Projected Image worker of the year went to Paul Hayward

The Petworth Cup for the projected image of the year also went to Paul Hayward

The Rowling Cup for the most improved Print worker of the year went to Jane Coward

The Picthall Cup for the most improved Projected Image of the year went to Peter Michell

Congratulations to all the winners who richly deserved their awards especially to those who carried off two cups each!

We then went on with the AGM  which followed the normal pattern with reports from the Chairman, the Treasurer and Competition Secretary.

Best of the Year for Martin and Paul

Meeting Report

Walter Benzie, having giving a talk earlier in the season, came back to adjudicate the 'Best of the Year' for both Prints and PI's, with Martin taking the Print title and Paul taking PI.

At his suggestion we allowed Walter to allocate 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended in this competition, rather than our normal method of allocating points, feeling that it was right in this contest as there is no league positions to be contested.

'Young Girl, Rajasthan' charms the Judge

Meeting Report

The third and final PI competition of the season was judged by John Lynch. This was the first time John had judged one of our competition and it was fascinating to see another style of judging.

With 73 images to adjudicate, John decided that he would like a run through of only the images that would be judged before the tea interval and then a run through of those being judged after the break. I am not convinced by this approach as it is not possible to obtain an overall feel for the standard of competition, disadvantaging images in either half depending on their peers. This is the first time I have encountered this approach. In the past Judges has asked for another complete run through after the interval to refresh their memory.

Chichester Camera Club’s Annual Exhibition

The Chichester Camera Club Annual Exhibition for 2011 will be held in the Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester, PO19 1LQ from Saturday, 13th - Saturday, 20th August (closed Sunday 14th). Opening times are 10am - 5pm and entry is free. Members will be on hand to chat about the Club and what it does.

Mike Eddowes Theatre photography

Meeting Report

Theatre Photography

For some time(years), I have been suggesting to successive fixture secretaries that I have a friend in Arundel who is a Theatre photographer who had said to me that he would come to camera club and give a talk on his work. This always fell on deaf ears.

However, we had a spare slot and Chairperson Di said “what about your friend Mike Eddowes filling the void?” And so I arranged it.

But sadly on the night ‘Sod’s Law’ was operating at full tempo starting with the non arrival of the projector. But in true showbiz fashion i.e. ‘the show must go on’,  Mike  started off (without his pictures) telling us all about his life as the son of an actress, and how actors and actresses had always been around at his home. So when he started out in the world to earn his living, he headed for drama school. Dennis Waterman was one of his contemporaries there; but sadly Mike had not got the same ‘in-built’ talent and he was politely told it would be better to find a different career!.

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