Best of the Year for Martin and Paul

Meeting Report

Walter Benzie, having giving a talk earlier in the season, came back to adjudicate the 'Best of the Year' for both Prints and PI's, with Martin taking the Print title and Paul taking PI.

At his suggestion we allowed Walter to allocate 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended in this competition, rather than our normal method of allocating points, feeling that it was right in this contest as there is no league positions to be contested.

'Young Girl, Rajasthan' charms the Judge

Meeting Report

The third and final PI competition of the season was judged by John Lynch. This was the first time John had judged one of our competition and it was fascinating to see another style of judging.

With 73 images to adjudicate, John decided that he would like a run through of only the images that would be judged before the tea interval and then a run through of those being judged after the break. I am not convinced by this approach as it is not possible to obtain an overall feel for the standard of competition, disadvantaging images in either half depending on their peers. This is the first time I have encountered this approach. In the past Judges has asked for another complete run through after the interval to refresh their memory.

Chichester Camera Club’s Annual Exhibition

The Chichester Camera Club Annual Exhibition for 2011 will be held in the Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester, PO19 1LQ from Saturday, 13th - Saturday, 20th August (closed Sunday 14th). Opening times are 10am - 5pm and entry is free. Members will be on hand to chat about the Club and what it does.

Mike Eddowes Theatre photography

Meeting Report

Theatre Photography

For some time(years), I have been suggesting to successive fixture secretaries that I have a friend in Arundel who is a Theatre photographer who had said to me that he would come to camera club and give a talk on his work. This always fell on deaf ears.

However, we had a spare slot and Chairperson Di said “what about your friend Mike Eddowes filling the void?” And so I arranged it.

But sadly on the night ‘Sod’s Law’ was operating at full tempo starting with the non arrival of the projector. But in true showbiz fashion i.e. ‘the show must go on’,  Mike  started off (without his pictures) telling us all about his life as the son of an actress, and how actors and actresses had always been around at his home. So when he started out in the world to earn his living, he headed for drama school. Dennis Waterman was one of his contemporaries there; but sadly Mike had not got the same ‘in-built’ talent and he was politely told it would be better to find a different career!.

Panels Competition

Meeting Report

Panel Competition

We held our judged by the members panels evening again this year. We don't get a judge in, everyone present is given a peice of paper and required to score each panel as it is shown.

Putting a panel together isn't about picking your three best images and presenting them all at once, it is about finding three images which work well together. That might mean similar shapes or colours or some other unifying theme.

Having to judge also teaches our membership how hard it is to put a mark to a picture, thus taking the edge off their wrath when a visiting judge doesn't deliver the marks they expect for their work.

We had plenty of entrants, which was very encouraging. I didn't think that some of them made great panels though. However, the collective judgment of the members was that mine deserved third place, Clive Trusler second and Derek Grieve first place.

My set was three photos taken on an afternoon walk on a sunny day in the lake district. I chose them because they had a common colour pallette and location.

Clive presented us with three pictures of the Namib desert. They made a great panel as they were quality pictures with a unifyiny theme.

Derek took first place with an excellent selection of three pictures taken on a visit to Venice.

Steve Gosling's show a great success

Meeting Report

This was our first photographic show for the general public (in my time in the club, and not including county competitions) but as we had recently hosted a couple of these, we were well versed in how to set things up. The event was at Pulborough Village Hall.

However, what gave us concern was whether we would be able to attract enough people to make the whole exercise work for us as a fund raising event.

Walter Benzie returns !

Meeting Report

ARPS Efforts

Another of the club’s old friends, Walter Benzie ARPS came to give us a talk on how and why he went about getting his Royal Photographic Society distinctions. Walter is a member of Guildford Camera Club and said he very much likes coming to SCC as we were the first club at which he judged a competition, we in turn like him coming to either judge or talk as he has such a relaxed, honest and straight up way of talking, which is also very amusing and downright funny. He is also very modest as he is not only the Treasurer for the RPS but is a trustee and is on their Council, facts which slipped out during the evening.

Storrington came equal 7th in the Sussex Fed Print Competition 2011

Meeting Report

This event was held on 13th March at Hailsham and was hosted by Rottingdean and Lewes CC. An almost capacity audience enjoyed the ensuing battle between the 22 clubs that had entered. Liz Boud judged the 110 prints with competence, good humour and consistency, few if any authors could have felt unjustly treated. Storrington's fortunes fluctuated by the round, at one time it looked as if we were heading towards the lead, but we ended equal 7th with our usual rivals Steyning. The surprise in the results was Chichester CC at next to bottom - they are used to being at or very near the top. Overall it was a very pleasant social occasion with a lot of superb prints on view - a pity that only 3 of our members attended.

Rye and District CC took first place with a total of 95.5 points, and also achieved best print of the evening with their “Silver Studded Blue” by John Bogle.  We achieved a total of 88 points with Ian’s “Polar Bear on Ice Flow” being awarded the top score of 20 points.

Our entries were marked as follows:

SCC do badly away

Meeting Report

Crouch Shield 2011

The Regnum Crouch P.I. competition was held at the Steyning Centre and was hosted by Littlehampton CC. The Judge was Chris Palmer ARPS AFIAP DPAGP APAGB who has more decorations than WWII General Montgomery. He gave very few high marks, three 20s, one 19 and two 18s. He did not like SCC's offerings and our highest scorer was Charmaine with her portrait of her Son, 'Out of the Darkness' which he awarded 16 points. All our other entries got 14 or 15, and we ended up joint 8th out of eleven cluibs with 88 points.

Steyning won with 101 points which delighted them and Chichester were 5th with 94. I came away really quite depressed as I either would never have even considered taking, or could not have ever done as well taking 90% of the images. Perhaps Chris also felt that he did not like a lot of the pictures, hence the low marks. He was one of those judges who having praised an image, then gave it 14. However I am not going to say too much as judging is a difficult job that not many people want to do.

Chris certainly gave very precise details of why he did not think a picture was not as good as it could be; for instance he said that Jane should have waited longer before pressing the shutter so the Red Arrow planes were bigger in the frame, and gave it 14 points (This same shot got 20 last Thursday).

SCC do well at home!

Meeting Report

We hosted our first at home Southern Federation competition this evening with our friend Trevor Gellard returning for the second time this season to judge. We have been members of the Southern Fed for quite some time to enable us to get a good deal on the club's insurance, but as its member clubs are all so far away we have never taken part in anything with them. With the advent of the PI competitions of course we can now enter stuff by sending a CD, job done.

We all had a really relaxed and fun evening with some great banter between Trevor and the members present. This is not usually allowed in our own internal competitions but in this case most of the images were from other clubs unknown to us, and there were a few which really did provoke comment!!

Six clubs are in this competition and they have each entered eight images; so we saw 48 pictures. We know absolutely nothing about the other clubs, but imagine that clubs from Poole, Ringwood and the I.O.W. would have a muchl larger membership than us and a club called Spectrum did very well with FIVE 10s; but then Storrington had two 10s and three 9s, brilliant.

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