Some Lovely Prints

Meeting Report

This was our third print competition of the year,

I always look forward to the print competitions as I love looking at well printed pictures, which is something that I struggle with! It is always interesting to see what prints are put forward by the members of the club, as some photos are better submitted as prints and some lend themselves towards PIs. (something that I have to work on for next season)

We were not dissapointed, our judge for the evening was Carole Speight ARPS DPAGB APAGB. 

With so many letters after her name I was expecting some tough comments! The scoring was even through out the evening with not to many top scores given.

Change of Leadership

Meeting Report

The AGM took up the first half of the evening but was preceded by awarding the competition cups for the season.This was slightly, but only slightly, embarrassing for the outgoing Chairman who had to award three cups to herself!

The Taylor Cup for the PI worker of the year was awarded to Anne Nagle getting 166 points out of a possible 180, followed by the Dixon Cup for the Print Worker of the year jointly won by Martin Tomes and Di Walker both with165 points out of 180. Then we had the Petworth Cup for the best PI of the year won by Di who also won the Emmett Cup for the best print of the year. What a fine way to finish her second and last year in office!

Tha Anonymous Cup which is awarded to the Photographer of the Year was won by Ian MacWhirter ARPS (at last!) with 326 points out of a possible 380, amazing! He would have won it countless times before if he had not deliberately eliminated himself from the running by not entering at least one competition each year. Ian is an outstanding Natural History photographer having been awarded several very high honours by the Royal Photographic Society including GOLD medals! We have several very good photographers in our small club; but Ian is THE BEST.

Chichester Camera Club's Annual Exhibition

Chichester Camera Club are holding their summer exhibition from 11-18 August 2012 (except the 12th) from 10am to 5pm at The Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester, PO19 1LQ.

See their poster for more information.

Di’s Double

Meeting Report

For the Best of the Year competition, we invited Ken Scott back to adjudicate our images and prints. Ken is a member of Steyning Camera Club and is best known for his mountain landscape photography. A respected judge on the camera club circuit, he is also an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

In both competitions there was a disappointing turn out with only 15 members submitting in the print competition and 16 in the PI. Although the objective of these competitions is to find our Best of the Year, it also provides an opportunity to get a second opinion of an image that may have been harshly treated in a previous competition.

First up were the Projected Images where some 32 images were judged. The best of the night was attributed to Di Walker for Stilettos.

During the interval a discussion centred around splitting into two groups for competition purposes. After some debate, the consensus of opinions favoured staying as we are. All comments made during this discussion will be debated at a future committee meeting.

After the interval, came the 30 prints that had been entered. Best of the night went once again to Di Walker for River Tyne.

Not many Storrington faces

Meeting Report

Last night we had the 'Mix 'n' Match' competition with Steyning and Southwick Camera clubs, held at the Steyning centre. We were in the smaller of the halls but we all squeezed in without a problem. Unfortunately it was badly attended by our club members, only eight of us, by far the smallest number of supporters.

Anyway, we had a lively time and a lot of laughs barracking the poor judge Mike Chambers from Eastbourne CC.; We have a great relationship with Steyning in particular as several of us regularly support their events and outings and have done over several years.

We had a big problem with the club laptop again which refused to co-operate on more than two occasions and this held everyone up, not that they were too worried. We have a committee meeting tonight and I am going to suggest that we spend some of our savings on a new laptop with Windows 7 before next season.

In spite of this problem we held our ends up and finished second behind Steyning, (although our scorer had us winning!). However, in the right spirit we did not raise an objection, which would have been impossible to verify anyway. Our selection team, Chairman Di and Anne Nagle, decided to go for good quality images and fewer 'quirky' ones and this policy certainly paid off as we won best image of the three many times.

A very good evening was had by all.

Not many panels

Meeting Report

Print Panels

We had our panel competition night which was very badly supported in terms of entries, although quite a good number of members attended the night.

There were only seven submissions which were put up on our deluxe print easel by Alex ably assisted by Vice Chairman/lady Anne. the panels had been laid out so that members could have a good look at them beforehand and then they were displayed in a random order and the members present gave a mark out of 20 on a voting paper provided.

After this the authors of each panel was invited up to explain his or her panel.

First panel up was from Chairman Di and was of three butterflies taken on the South Downs. As she pointed out they are very good at taking off just as you are ready to press the shutter. Obviously these did not fly off!

Next was a panel of owl's faces submitted by me and immediately I saw it I decided that I had put them in the wrong order, a good start for me! The audience agreed and then it was suggested that I had the others in the wrong places as well.

The following panel was from Anne and was three abstract shots of tulips from her garden. They were very pretty and the panel held together very well.

Walter Benzie ARPS does the honours

Meeting Report

Our old friend (not in years!) Walter came to judge our leg of the Southern Federation PI competition. Each club taking part gets a judge to mark all the entries in their league and then all the totals from all the other clubs who hold similar meetings are added up for the final result. We have not been doing very well.

The first thing that Walter commented on was the lack of titles being revealed for some very silly reason. It makes the job of the judge that little bit harder and does not always help the authors of the images as we will see later.

Our first entry was Charmain Hayes' 'Out of the darkness' which is a striking image of her Son. Walter liked it and awarded 8.5 marks (which proved a popular mark for us!).

Next was Peter Michell's 'Finishing touches' which also got 8.5; but Walter was confused by the hair on the left hand side of the image not realising that the lady was looking into a mirror doing her make up. The title might have helped him.

Ian MacWhirter's 'Polar Bear courting behaviour' also got 8.5. it was much admired but Walter would have 'cooled the image down' a bit by adding a bit of blue to make the snow and ice colder.

This was MUCH better

Meeting Report

A loyal band of six SCC members attended the Adestra hall in Hassocks for the Crouch PI competition hosted by Mid Sussex CC. Ten clubs were entered with six PIs each. The judge for the evening was Clive Tanner FRPS.

In round one, Ian MacWhirter's 'Glaucous gull with Guillemot prey' was awarded 18 points a very good start as that gave us the lead straight away.

Round two saw Anne Nagle's 'Puma on the rocks' getting another 18, great. However Steyning collected a 20 (one of only five in total awarded) and this gave them the lead.

In round three, Paul Hayward's 'Not funny' got agood 17; but Mid Sussex got a 20 and this tied them with Steyning in the lead.

At the end of the tea break we had the raffle when Martin collected a bottle, but I had not bought any tickets (being treated to a strip by Jean) so we did not win more!

And so to round four when Jane Coward's 'Curly petalled flower' got another 18; but Steyning only got a 15 and Mid Sussex 17 and this put us in the lead tied with Mid Sussex!

Round five was the best as our star from the MacWhirters, Ian (the bionic man), got 19 for his 'Courting Polar Bears' which put us firmly in the lead by one point from Steyning, in spite of another 20 from them.

What a treat

Meeting Report

Rosie Armes,who has more photographic honours after her name than you can wave a stick at, gave us a rare showing of the most amazingly wonderful prints second to no other collection that I have ever seen at SCC. They were simply inspiring.

Rosie started by showing us her ARPS panel of 15 prints which were taken at a fairground and it was awash with bright colours. It illustrated how a collection of prints arranged properly can hold together and create a wonderful spectacle although some of the images on their own would not have impressed.

Next we were told how she decided to go to Dungeness to seek material for her FRPS panel; a black and white building caught her eye and she took a series of pictures of it as the basis. Her first submission was rejected on the grounds that the wording of her statement did not suit one of the panel of judges. This Rosie amended, resubmitted and then was awarded her FRPS. we were able to admire both her panels at the break.

We finished in the middle

Meeting Report

A good turnout of stalwart SCC members (eight of us) turned up at Heathfield for the Sussex Fed print competition. Unfortunately we did not do too well (as usual), however, one of our best photographers Jean MacWhirter did very well indeed to get one of only eight 20s out of the 100 prints entered.

Twenty clubs from all over East and West Sussex, and a couple from Kent, including some very good and much larger clubs than us took part, each entering five prints. This is in a different league to the Regnum Crouch competitions when only about ten clubs enter.

In the first round, Daisy Kane's 'Mare and Foal' got 15 marks and we started off in 4th position. Then in round 2, my 'Venice canal' also got 15 and we were in much the same place. By now only three 20s had been awarded.

Things looked up for us in round three when Jean's 'Buff-necked Ibis with Grub' got its 20 and we rose to 12th equal. Very well done Jean.

Round four saw Chairlady Di's 'Walking in Haste' awarded 17, not too bad at all. There were three 20s in that round.

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