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Meeting Report

The first print competition of the season saw Carole Speight ARPS return to adjudicate our images. Carole is a member of Chichester Camera Club and a gallery of her images can be seen on their website.

In the previous print competition Carole marked in the range 13 – 20, this time the marking was in a much narrower band. From 15 to 20. Carole had asked whether we segregate our members into groups and having been told that we do not, opted for the safe option of not wanting to discourage (in her words) beginners. Something she touched on more than once during the evening. Carole provided some good constructive comments that we will no doubt take on board to improve our overall

A total of 63 images were submitted with the scores broken down as follows:

Paul Hayward in Burma and the Carmargue

Meeting Report


Our World Globetrotter Paul Hayward gave us a very entertaining and humorous talk on his visit to Burma (now Myamar) followed by another trip to photograph the 'Horses of the Camarge'. Aside from his excellent images, he kept us well informed about the people and the customs in his very relaxed and at times very funny way of talking. Added to this there developed a lively interaction with the audience.

I had had the privilege of seeing both presentations before as Paul and I give slide shows to a group of people with dementia problems called 'Lively Minds' run by a very dedicated lady called Sally Beckers at the Dial Post Village Hall.

Paul started by telling us that there were no PitzzaHuts or MacDonalds and that everything was done with cash, Dollars being the prefered currency, as they do not have Credit card facilities.

Paul's first images started with young boys being introduced and instructed in the Budist faith. They were all dressed up in very ornate and colourful costumes with their faces painted with a paste, which also acts as protection from the sun. They were there with their families, also dressed up and with parasoles on long sticks. We saw the large pagodas decorated with tons of gold all around everyone.

A good start to our season

Meeting Report

Twenty people attended our opening meeting which is about the same number as we get on a normal club night. We know of at least six members who are on holiday and of others who could not attend for one reason or another.

Jane Coward our Treasurer was kept very busy receiving subs for the new year.

We welcomed one new member, John Young, who told me about ten years back he used to carry a Bellingham bag stuffed with bodies and different lenses but had had a break just using a' happy snappy'. I gave him the low down on our club telling him that we all enjoy our photography very much but draw the line at getting 'het up' when things like judges comments did not go our way.

We had been asked to bring three prints of our summer activities with us and this resulted in about twenty prints which Daisy put up on the print board one at a time and which we all gave marks out of twenty on sheets that she had prepared. Embarrassingly I won the very nice bottle of wine provided by the Chairman with a print of a 'Brimstone' butterfly which I had taken up on the Downs last week.

After the break myself, Liz Barber, John Gauvin, Alex Swyer, Janet Brown and Ruth Calvert-Smith all gave a short resume of our efforts explaining where and how our pictures were taken, which I hope proved interesting for the audience. I certainly found it very entertaining.

Outing on the hottest day of the year

Meeting Report

Di on Eastbourne PierTwelve members attended our 'Field day' at Eastbourne all of us successfully meeting at the entrance of the pier at 1.30pm.

Several of us purchased some very good fish and Chips from a counter just where we met, whilst others had excellent sandwiches further up the pier.

Nearly all of us stayed until 5.30 when we all returned home. There were lots of interesting people visiting the pier to photograph together with seagulls and attendees at a wedding reception which was going on in the big structure at the end of the pier. There were folks fishing, sunbathing, eating ice creams (a sport I indulged in which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare as it started to melt 'big time' and I had cream on my camera, up my nose, and dripping everywhere!).

At the last committee meeting it was decided that members would be invited to bring three prints of their summer break with them to the first meeting of the new season (more from Daisy in due course) and it will be very interesting to see just what pictures we all took, if that is what folk want to show.

Successful barbecue at our new venue

Meeting Report


The CooksThis year we had our annual barbeque in the garden of our new Chairlady Anne Nagle, which was a delightful venue with lovely views.

Alex, our top volunteer had stepped up to do the cooking but had to withdraw due to work commitments. So, another of our 'will do anything gentlemen, Martin Tomes stepped into the breach, and was assisted by another 'wll do anything' member Paul Hayward.

Martin had obtained the ingredients for our meat course from a secret (but very reasonably priced) supplier, and those attending brought a good variety of healthy salads and sauces were provided by our hostess.

There then followed the most unhealthy but mouthwatering sweets again supplied by those attending-delicious!

Twenty four people, including a couple of new faces, attended what was a very pleasant afternoon helped by the very sunny weather that has at last arrived for a brief stay.

Next week we have our 'field day' at Eastbourne pier which should be fun and we hope that we have another good turn out of folk.

Our thanks to Anne for her very good organisation of the event and for the lovely venue.

A Good Turn Out

Meeting Report

This was our last PI competition of the year, we had  66 images submitted, so a good night was ahead of us.

Our judge for the evening was Andrew Perry ARPS. PIs always have more of a turnout in images submitted than prints. This was a good evening of scoring by the judge with seven 20s, five 19s seventeen 18s given and nine 17s


Anne Nagle - A Quiet Moment, Ian Macwhirter - Southern Crested Caracara, Martin kulin - Brr Its Cold, Alex Swyer - Sunburst Lichen, Paul Hayward - Fiery Sunsett and Jean Macwhirter - Immature Striated Heron Scratching.


Ian Macwhirter - South American Giant Otter, Alex Swyer - Frosted, Daisy KAne - Orchid, Chris West - Weighty Matters and Robert Allison with Life on A Mud Floor

Some Lovely Prints

Meeting Report

This was our third print competition of the year,

I always look forward to the print competitions as I love looking at well printed pictures, which is something that I struggle with! It is always interesting to see what prints are put forward by the members of the club, as some photos are better submitted as prints and some lend themselves towards PIs. (something that I have to work on for next season)

We were not dissapointed, our judge for the evening was Carole Speight ARPS DPAGB APAGB. 

With so many letters after her name I was expecting some tough comments! The scoring was even through out the evening with not to many top scores given.

Change of Leadership

Meeting Report

The AGM took up the first half of the evening but was preceded by awarding the competition cups for the season.This was slightly, but only slightly, embarrassing for the outgoing Chairman who had to award three cups to herself!

The Taylor Cup for the PI worker of the year was awarded to Anne Nagle getting 166 points out of a possible 180, followed by the Dixon Cup for the Print Worker of the year jointly won by Martin Tomes and Di Walker both with165 points out of 180. Then we had the Petworth Cup for the best PI of the year won by Di who also won the Emmett Cup for the best print of the year. What a fine way to finish her second and last year in office!

Tha Anonymous Cup which is awarded to the Photographer of the Year was won by Ian MacWhirter ARPS (at last!) with 326 points out of a possible 380, amazing! He would have won it countless times before if he had not deliberately eliminated himself from the running by not entering at least one competition each year. Ian is an outstanding Natural History photographer having been awarded several very high honours by the Royal Photographic Society including GOLD medals! We have several very good photographers in our small club; but Ian is THE BEST.

Chichester Camera Club's Annual Exhibition

Chichester Camera Club are holding their summer exhibition from 11-18 August 2012 (except the 12th) from 10am to 5pm at The Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester, PO19 1LQ.

See their poster for more information.

Di’s Double

Meeting Report

For the Best of the Year competition, we invited Ken Scott back to adjudicate our images and prints. Ken is a member of Steyning Camera Club and is best known for his mountain landscape photography. A respected judge on the camera club circuit, he is also an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

In both competitions there was a disappointing turn out with only 15 members submitting in the print competition and 16 in the PI. Although the objective of these competitions is to find our Best of the Year, it also provides an opportunity to get a second opinion of an image that may have been harshly treated in a previous competition.

First up were the Projected Images where some 32 images were judged. The best of the night was attributed to Di Walker for Stilettos.

During the interval a discussion centred around splitting into two groups for competition purposes. After some debate, the consensus of opinions favoured staying as we are. All comments made during this discussion will be debated at a future committee meeting.

After the interval, came the 30 prints that had been entered. Best of the night went once again to Di Walker for River Tyne.

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